Sunday, 11 October 2009

Awards? We have weekly awards... Week of Oct. 5 - 10

Tactful award of the week: Liz... They've got Ken's "70" on the joint birthday cake but refrained from Emily's "80"

Skiver of the week: Fiz. Supposed to start back to work and already pulling a sickie.

Mr. Incomprehensible award: Kevin and Molly. Everyone else takes a taxi to the train station or gets a ride. They take the bus. Eh?

Incidental background music award: "Sorry Seems To Be The Saddest Word". In the posh hotel bar with the adulterers.

It's all about me award: Peter Barlow. Sulking, self-blaming, cajoling.

Could you please shut up award: Sheila Wheeler! My god!

Lines of the week:

Claire "I'm not sure it's something I could forgive" (not surprised. You don't forgive easily)

Blanche to Ken "Trust you to suck the joy out of a birthday party!"
Umed to Dev and Graeme "My God! You are in cahoots!!!" (Too right!)

Teresa to Liz "Let me know what street corner you're going to be on" Deirdre "Liz, don't lower yourself" Teresa "Liz, do!" (that would be a scrap I'd like to see though I still think Liz would come out the worse for it).

Norris about Sheila "She's on trial" Peter "are you going to find her guilty or not guilty?"

Sheila to Norris "I was beginning to think you didn't like me!" (no flies on you!)


Yoork said...

I noticed the 70 only on the joint cake too! It's more like "Happy 70th Birthday Ken...and Emily"

Coronation Street Corner said...

Emily wasn't eighty on that day, so maybe that's why?

Tracyluv said...

Surprised by the lack of turn out for Ken and Emily's birthday "do". Where where the people from the church Emily attends? Is that it now for the annoying Shiela Wheeler? Not that I am sorry she has gone but what was the point of bringing her in for two days only?

Tvor said...

I think Norris' quest for an ongoing part timer is going to be a running joke, each more unsuitable than the last. So where's Tina?

Yoork said...

Oh, so Norris will have on-going annoying part-timers until he finds the right one? This is like when Regis tried to find a replacement for Kathy Lee. Gawd. Can we at least get one of them to be a hunky guy instead of a wittering old woman? He should employ Deirdre if that's what he wants. She's looking for work too.

Tvor said...

There's at least one more upcoming. But Norris and Rita managed just fine for years without a third staff member so why can't Norris and Tina manage? I am guessing it's going to last until Rita returns from her cruise and she'll go back to work part time.

Walzing Matilda said...

Rita and Mavis managed with the two of them for years, has business expanded so much they now need three people? Get Tina to actually do some work rather than standing around eating the merchandise and generally being surley! Also will Rita return? She sold out to Norris and I cant see her putting up with him being her boss!

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