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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Trick or Treat: Fri Oct 30, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott.

I apologise for the tardiness of this review, but my internet was down!

So, we take off where we left off: Tony Gordon collapsed against the Kabin in agony, his face illuminated by fireworks and sheer terror. Roy walks by and sees Tony, so he calls an ambulance and gets him taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Roy tries frantically to get hold of Maria, but to no avail. Right now, he's all Tony's got. Tony is in very critical condition, and the doctors don't think he'll make it through the night. Tony is not happy about that and verbally berates Roy to the rudest degree, then finally asks Roy to leave. Just as he does, the nurse tells him that Tony wants him back. Tony apologises, then when going under cardiac arrest, he confesses to Roy that he's the one who smoked out the bats. Oh, and the he killed Liam! Roy leaves the hospital and doesn't know what to make of this confession. Oh, boy. Talk about wrong place, wrong time.

Molly and Kev don't know what to do about their current predicament, but they do know that they are still in love and want to keep seeing each other, regardless of what Pam thinks. Kev comes up with a brilliant idea: tell Pam it's over, stay away from each other for a few weeks, then resume. It's shocking that he's not a captain of industry with that strategic mindset of his. Molly does as instructed, and lies to Pam about her and Kev breaking it off. Oh, Pammy, don't fall for it!

Well, this is bloody fantastic. Jake the builder walks into the Rovers with only a towel on, in hopes to even the playing field between he and Michelle. I'm surprised he didn't slip on the floor for all of Kelly and Julie's drool! Michelle agrees to dinner with him, as long as he keeps the towel on. Oh please, what a game of cat and mouse! At dinner, Michelle swans over the menu ordering the most expensive items, while Jake enjoys every minute of it. Jake guesses that she's suffered great loss, and then Michelle loses it and calls him creepy. Jake said it was just a guess, and he was sorry. More like he went to the Kabin and talked to Norris for all of 5 minutes about Michelle if you ask me! At the end of the night, Jake gets his wish, and a kiss or two from Michelle, and who knows what else!

Peter is adamant about not having Simon participate in Halloween, since it's "not English." Well neither is vodka, but that never stopped him before! He's really starting to sound a lot like Ken. Leanne thinks he's a killjoy, and decides to dress up as a ghost with Simon when Peter pops out for a bit, then when he comes back, they'll jump out and surprise him. Peter is on his way up, and Simon hides behind the door only for Peter to kick it open with arms full and crush Simon between the wall and the door! Poor Simon! He has to be taken to hospital to get some stitches for his forehead. Leanne feels terrible and apologizes profusely. Peter was furious with her at first, but realises later that it was just an accident.

- Pam telling Molly that to be honest, she wishes she never saw her and Kev together and wishes she could have it wiped from her memory. All of us at Team Pam share that sentiment!
- The Jake the builder towel scene. He hasn't grown on me yet, but just watching Liz, Julie and Kelly (and Michelle) drool made me laugh!
- Jake playing video games with Ryan and Ben. Which begs the question - how old IS he? Did anyone else notice how Jake's voice sounds exactly like Graeme's?

- Tony is really that ill? Should we be worried about his character? Maybe not now...but in the future? Sheesh.
- How rude Tony was to Roy! I know he's dying and all, but still. Those were harsh words. I hope the devil spanks him down there!
- Molly and Kev thinking they can outsmart Pam. Just you wait, Mr. Webster, just you wait.
- Michelle and Jake's date. I can't figure out who's more annoying.
- Poor Simon's head getting crushed in the door. Although, it was kinda funny! (Owww!) Why did he hide behind the door?

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review here, scene by scene.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the high-low lights! They're great even though I sometimes think the highs are the lows..and vice versa!

The only part I really liked was the exchange between Roy and Tony--- Tony is evil! At the best of times, he's obstinate and rude, and cruel and he'll only apologize if there's a benefit. So naturally, on his deathbed, he's going to behave the same -- nasty! But then also, he's scared and angry -- not to mention ALONE! So he lashes out at Roy who he doesn't even know all that well...

It was great drama! Great acting by two guys who looked like they loved doing those scenes! UNLIKE the awkwardness that roofer/actor displayed in doing his scene with the towel in the Rovers and later with Michelle at the expensive dinner -- didn't think it worked all that well...

And the scene with Peter, Leanne, Simon was cute, but it came across as a stupid filler, mostly...

Walzing Matilda said...

I actually thought Tony was extremely unpleasant to the very uncomfortable looking Roy and Roy should have just walked out while he could, I thought going back made him a bit martyrish. It could have been written better in my humble opnition. What was the point of Simon's injury? I thought at first they were going to bump into Roy, presumably it was the same hospital. If Leanne says one more time she wants to be given a chance at her own business I am going to scream, remember Velandros? The builder business was just tacky, uninteresting and yet another vehicle for a story for Kim Marsh who inexplicabl seems to be the darling of the producers.

Anonymous said...

Team Pam just gets better and better.

However ..... please please please get rid of the hopeless acting scenes with that child of a builder called Jake and Michelle.

He is young in both character and acting ability.

Unknown said...

I really am going to miss the character of Tony..its too bad that the redemption card wasn't played but a contract is up I guess.
I started watching Corrie when Danny Baldwin was on...then he left..then Charlie left, now just become invested in a bad boy character and poof off he goes... I find Corrie extremely boring without that edge....

Layman Battler said...

Peter is adamant about not having Simon participate in Halloween, since it's "not English." Well neither is vodka, but that never stopped him before!


What a shame Blanche wasn't around to make that very point!!


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