Sunday, 25 October 2009

Corrie weekly awards, Oct. 19 - 23

King of the World award. Aren't Pam and Bill just the cutest?

Poetic Justice award goes to Rosie Webster. No explanation needed.

I need new underwear award. Tony. Did you see his face when the phone rang and it turned out to be Carla?

Buy me some fire extinguisher. The last boat we had on the Street (Des Barnes') went up in flames. What are the odds?

Cheeky mare award. Helen Connor. Potential backup godfather Kirk is at least a blood relation. Ryan isn't, technically, nor is he the uncle, he's the cousin.

Lines of the week
Gail on seeing the boat: "Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to sit down!" and "If it's a good investment and it keeps Joe out of business..."

Sean to Kelly: "Like I'd listen to someone with the dress sense of a drag queen with cataracts!"

Luke: "Never mix business with pleasure. It'll always end in tears." Rosie: "Well, not always, look at us." (case in point)

Carla on her return: "What's the matter, Tony? You scared?" (see award, above!)

Tony: "I renounced the devil this afternoon and God smiled on me."

I likely won't be awarding for a few weeks as I'm on me holidays and my Corrie watching will have to be saved until I get back.


Yoork said...

Have a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Pam and Bill Webster - far better as a couple than Ugh! - Kevin-Molly anyday!

Tvor said...

They're a bit of an odd couple but i suppose they have to do something to keep her in the show. I do like her!

Anonymous said...

I think she is simply the best and is getting even better. She must be great for the scriptwriters as the actress seems to be able to make anything look great.

Come on Corrie, let's have a proper, normal wedding and bring the Websters and Dobbs together at last. Should be fireworks, but Pam will sort it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, an Aunty Pammy wedding - could onlt be great fun with lots of twists and turns. Who know who would turn up out of the blue!

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