Friday, 1 November 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 1 November 2019

Having demolished Chesney's reputation in print by saying he was a "Kebab Casanova", "Quadfather" and "red-headed love rat" Bernie is still trying to convince Gemma that she is media savvy and that she was simply brand building.  Somehow I don't think she understands it at all!

Go Jenny, Go Jenny!  We have not had enough Jenny recently and here we get her reaction to Liz's suggestion that Tracy (whom we noted recently was behaving well out of character) go to Spain with her.  I wish I was Tracy - first a holiday in Venice courtesy of Claudia and now a trip to see Andy!

Alya is wandering around Gary's lock up and observes that as the stock comes from house clearances she would not want to buy a bed in which the last owner died.  Fiz confirms they do not sell beds and Alya adds "Or a wardrobe, come to that."  As Fiz then observes - who pegs it in a wardrobe?  I could make a very rude observation but suggest this is best left to your imagination!

Inevitably having babies is a humourous event in Corrie-world so stick Gemma half way up a mountain with a half-wit, sorry Chutney the kebab Casanova, and tell him to take a look and see if a baby is about to arrive.  Then ask him what he sees - to which the obvious answer is "Llandudno". Seriously would anyone leave solid ground when multiple babies are due to arrive?

I think Sonia Longchambon deserves an award for something.  It seems to me that every time the production team are stuck for a romance Sonia pulls the short straw out of the producer's fist and gets the next ne'er-do-well wandering along the Street looking for female company.  Tyrone (several times), Liam Connor, Tony Gordon, Nick Tilsley (several times), Jason Grimshaw, Vikram Desai, Chris Gray, Luke Britton, John Arnley, Charlie Stubbs, Marcus Dent, Aidan Connor, Pablo Duarte and Ali Neeson - in 19 years.   Above we see her "cat is about to get the cream" face as Bethany has just pointed out that Maria is single and Bethany's former crush Gary is also single and that Ali looks more interested in R'Toyota - so Maria should go for it!  You might have thought that over the last 11 years she might have heard that Gary is not always good news and that this is one opportunity in front of which she could fail to lie down!

Michael Bailey has just told Steve that he has the solution to their dreams - and it would appear that Steve's big dream involves Kylie and a hot tub!  Better not tell Tracy.

We have been missing a bit of Evelyn outrage recently and here she is complaining to Tyrone about her landlord who has failed to fix the toilet roll holder, stop the wind whistling through the windows and changing the bulb in her bedside light.  (I don't remember landlords ever being responsible for bulbs!).  Tyrone of course is the non-absent landlord.  Never mind, her list of complaints enables her to set Michael up on a date with Jade (the latter ducks out of it with consummate ease) whilst he uses his building skills to fix the numerous problems Evelyn has identified on her little list!

Which just about wraps another busy week in Weatherfield. 

Writers: Carmel Morgan & Steven Fay (Monday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort & Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Thursday); David Isaac (Friday)
Directors: Peter Rose (Monday & Wednesday); Durno Johnston (Thursday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Samia not Sonia

Louby said...

They had a lovely summer day for filming the cable car scenes didn't they? I know we are supposed to overlook these things, as we know that they film 6-8 weeks ahead. I think it would have been a bit perky up there this week :D

Bobby Dazzler said...

The most comical thing this week was Evelyn's reaction to Gary's costume....a cricket box indeed!

Newfy Pearl said...

I am glad Evelyn mentioned was rather distracting. Oh my..what was Corrie thinking. lol

maggie muggins said...

Gary's costume? What am I missing? What scene was this in?

maggie muggins said...

Arg! Forgot to catch the Thursday ep.! Thanks for reminding me.

Newfy Pearl said...

maggie muggins .... the house party scene in the kitchen. I will say no more...the issue with the costume is quite evident. lol It is really hard to miss. lol

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