Friday, 1 November 2019

Art Imitating (MY) Life

Corrie had a Thursday episode this week which meant I was already out of sorts when settling down to watch on Halloween night. It was a light-hearted trip to the cobbles as the aftermath of Gemma and Ches’s trip to Llandudno saw reality set in for the shell-shocked new parents. After the harrowing Sinead episodes last week these scenes were a welcome change in direction. The intensity grew a little when Imran pleaded with the courts to grant David bail in order to get married. The judge refused and David pondered a much longer spell behind bars for attempted murder. But nothing shocked, entertained and amused me more than seeing Gary reenact the experience I had at a fancy dress party over the weekend to celebrate Halloween early.

Picture the scene. Kids giddy with excitement. Sweet treats scattered across the dining table and spooky decorations hanging from every piece of furniture. Plastic skulls, headstones and glowsticks adorn every nook and cranny. Extinction Rebellion would be in UPROAR. Booze is flowing for the grown-ups and even they have made the effort and attempted to dress up for the occasion. One grown up in particular has gone the extra mile, sporting a shiny spandex sci-fi number. There’s only one problem – EVERYTHING is on show. This of course describes what happened at Tyrone’s Halloween party as Gary fronted out the embarrassment of the outfit with a carefully placed cricket cup. Google it. My Halloween suffered pretty much the same fate…

I however, couldn’t face the shame – or the social services turning up to a house full of kids with Uncle Ste making a “show” of himself. My shiny spandex number came right off before too many people saw it (after a few selfies of course). I must have set a world record for getting undressed at speed, it was like peeling a banana. I sheepishly rejoined the party wearing the bottom half of my silver sex-pest-suit and a t-shirt with my Star Trek comm badge pinned to it. There was to be no sexy cyborg at THIS party. 

This is why I never dress up for Halloween, despite it also being my birthday. Too stressful. But props to Gary Windass, and actor Mikey North for staying in character and spandex. I laughed -  despite the flashbacks. 

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Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

Stevie said...

Thanks Anon.

Llal said...

Do you DM the uncensored version?!!

MartesBC said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a jock strap solution is required. maybe ask Santa for one :)

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