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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 4th Sept 8.30 pm

Although she's returned to her house, it looks like Eileen IS going to leave the street for good?

Struggling to find Jan, Eileen meets a sullen Seb who admits that he's told Sean everything. Easily forgiving him, Eileen then heads out to the hospital in search of Jan.

Outside the county ground, Steve and the gang try to charm the security guard to let them scatter the ashes. The lad's charm falls flat but (as predicted) Emma's emotional plea wins the guard over, and her beloved father is scattered on hollowed Wethy County turf. Ditching the urn in a bin, Emma seems to have found closure now the deed is done. Back at The Rovers, the group reconvene and raise a toast to Emma's Dad.

On Maxine's bench, Sean delivers a heartfelt soliloquy to Beth, professing his loneliness and displaying a (rarely seen) depth of character. Eileen and Jan's situation has obviously affected him. Are we glad to see Sean involved in a storyline?

Meanwhile, Daniel and Sinead reconcile and the wedding plans seem back on track. Later at the bistro, Daniel gushes about Bethany's blog, and Bethany blushes at the compliments. Glad to see a smile on her face!

Arriving at the hospital, Eileen heads to Jan's room, only to be told that he's discharged himself and in the next scene, we see him heading away in a taxi. Wouldn't the police & armed guard have stopped him?

Fiz tells Hope that she's going to be homeschooled, much to Ruby's annoyance. Although she's keeping the factory shares, Fiz seems to have forgotten that she and Tyrone were massively in debt, not that long ago?

Later, and after a pint, Tyrone heads home and interrupts Fiz on the phone. Who was she talking too?

Back on Coronation Street, a panicked Eileen is confronted by Seb and Sean, and Sean has a confession to make; Jan has left for good, and won't be coming back for her. 

Eileen takes the news hard and vengefully riles at Sean for meddling in her life (again).

Was Sean right to frighten off Jan or is Eileen correct to be mad about Sean's (implied) selfish interfering?

I know they are BFF's from long ago, but Sean never really told Eileen he was homeless, and Eileen's real confidante these days, is Liz, I reckon.

Although I'm happy Eileen isn't leaving, I quite liked Jan. Is this the last we will see of him? 

What did you of tonight's Corrie?. Let us know in the comments section.

I shall be back same time next week. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Although Sean might have thought he was doing it solely for Eileen he was equally doing it for himself. I don't think he was being malicious but he was selfish in that he feared being left even more alone. But that's human nature and nobody is entirely altruistic. Would be good if this gave Sean a decent storyline where he evaluates his life.

Sara said...

Does Eileen own her own house? She didn’t discuss with Seb what she was going to do about it so what gave him the right to ask somebody else to move in? I couldn’t understand how she was going to leave it behind.

Tashacat said...

Agree with Sara. So many unanswered questions about Eileen’s property. Are Seb, Mary and whoever else just going to live in it indefinitely? Would she sell it? Seb has no right to invite anyone to live there.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Sean had no right to interfere in Eileen's life but, back to reality, the plot had to suddenly turn in order to make Eileen stay. The baddies might still try and get to her, whether she's in witness protection or not. I seem to recall this was how The Windasses came to the street, (under WP) but I can't remember the details.

coconno196 said...

Eileen did buy the house, or get a mortgage, some years ago, so she'd have to sell it in order to finance her life in witness protection. So much doesn't ring true, like everyone else who just takes a rucksack or bin bags, leaving behind all their furniture and belongings.

Unknown said...

How can I find out where to buy the black tunic Eileen wore on 4/9 episodes.

Louby said...

It was the Tommy and Angela Harris that happened to. I think they lived in the same house!

Louby said...

Coconno196, I agree! It's always funny when someone leaves the street with just one bag or case. Even Eva did that with one case for her and the baby.

I would like to see Sean have more of a life than the odd comment behind the bar or telling someone about his latest date. Bringing his son back for Sean to care for would give him a different kind of life. I can't remember how old Dylan is now though!

Roni said...

Eileen told Seb to find someone to help him pay for the utilities. Also, Seb was actually concerned for Mary who ended up living in the van.
Hence Mary moving in.
And there is the front room, where Sean used to live. So it is all logical.


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