Saturday, 1 December 2018

Corrie weekly update – Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

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This week Sally was tried in court. On the charge of fraud: Guilty! On the charge of money laundering: Guilty! On the charge of Bribery: Guilty! Dodgy Duncan gets off scot-free as Sally is wheeled away to prison with echoes of Deirdre ringing in the air: “I didn’t do any of it!”.  But her nightmare is far from over. Gina’s determined to keep Sally and Tim apart and plants doubt into Tim’s mind that Sally had the affair with Duncan. When Sally rings from prison, Gina drops poison in her ear about Tim and she does the same to Tim about Sally. This is a truly gripping storyline and one I’m enjoying a lot. But is it Gina’s bi-polar to blame for her dreadful behaviour, or her loneliness, wanting what sister Sally has got – including her husband?  We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for Sally but for now, it doesn’t look good.

Kate wants a baby and she wants one now. Rana, as you might expect, doesn’t. This leads to Kate behaving like a child, sulking, storming in on Rana when she’s with a patient – Kirk and his itch – in the GP surgery. Kate gets drunk in the Bistro and tells all to Robert, who also wants a baby with Michelle, who doesn’t.  Will Kate and Robert go and make babies together? Yes please, let them do this, somewhere far, far away.

Mary hears from the cops that a body has been found. She thinks it might be Jude and Angie goes to identify the body, which isn’t Mary’s son. To cheer her up, Roy takes Mary to the Bistro for afternoon tea on what would have been Jude’s birthday.

Rita falls and hurts her foot outside of the Rovers and ends up moving into the back room of the pub, but not for long enough. The drama and comedy potential was there for all of one episode as she lorded it over the back room. But now she’s back in the Kabin, where she rightly belongs, which makes me wonder what the point of her falling and moving into the Rovers was? Meanwhile, Jenny’s tracking Liz’s phone, convinced that her barmaid and her husband are having it away (they’re not).
Elsewhere this week, little Jack gets a prosthetic leg and takes his first tentative steps. 

And Evelyn causes friction for Fiz when she favours Ruby over Hope. It’s too much for Fiz to take and she complains to Tyrone who tells Evelyn she’ll have to move out. Evelyn truly is horrid to little Hope but I’ve a feeling it won’t be Evelyn moving out next week as actress Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz, takes her maternity leave from the show. 

And that’s just about that for this week.  

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The very young actresses playing Hope and Ruby are doing a fantastic job.

Jan said...

I think the point of Rita being away from the Kabin was that Rita will consider letting Cathy help her out or maybe if she ever does retire of selling it to Cathy. My mum is the same age as Rita and no way would she be able to run a shop by herself and be on her feet all those hours.

MartesBC said...

I just can't seem to stomach the whole Duncan storyline. Depressing. Not entertaining. Fast forwarding. :(


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