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Corrie Comicals: week ending 30 November 2018

She has not been around much recently but this line worked for me on Monday.  Mary is hoping that Jude will turn up, preferably alive and Mary recalls this is exactly what her mother had said about Albert, who was not her father but was in fact her hamster who escaped whilst having his cage cleaned!  Also recalling how Mary helped Bethany with Nathan it is great to see the debt being repaid as she helps look for that Jude using "the" twitter as Mary calls it.

Sideswipe - if Brian was up till 3am re-writing the nativity then he would inevitably have seen the 1 am email from Phil the deputy head.  Something is wrong round here with the space time continuum.

It was quiz night in the Rovers with Johnny being quizmaster and it came down to tie break with the two teams being asked  to give the biblical names of the three wise men.  Above Brian is giving the traditional names.  Roy correctly clarifies that they are unnamed in the bible in the gospel of Matthew, the other three gospels do not record the visit.  Roy's Rovers are the winners.  We can see that Johnny is glad that someone has fallen for his "trick" question.

Wednesday seemed to be a bit of a struggle until Mary appeared remarking that she had once expressed a casual interest in a cruise and had since been inundated with offers of arthritis chairs, walk-in baths, invisible hearing aids, and letters from elephants needing adoption.

Roy is around my age and my school was not as adventurous enough to run a mash up three-legged egg and spoon combination event, no wonder it left an indelible scar on his mind.  I am still trying to get my head around how Jack Webster is organising a one-legged race; explanation of the rules welcomed as the action moved elsewhere.

Children's television has been largely replaced by a variety of quiz programmes (I will admit to a slight addiction to "The Chase" now that I am retired) and clearly so is Rita whilst Johnny wants to watch something "on the other side" - he does not specify which other side!  Anyway Rita has already screamed "Porcupine" at the screen, answering a question which goes unanswered and then when asked by Jenny if the contestants have won the jackpot she makes the above comment!

Kev's phone apparently records that he does 12,000 steps a day.  As Jack tells his the amused listeners above the trips are to the cafe and the pub.  Given that 2000 steps is a mile then Kev reckons he is covering 6 miles a day.  Which I reckon is a lot of trips to the cafe and the pub as I can walk from the garage to those destinations in a couple of minutes.

And this small exchange was beautifully delivered.  Ty had told Evelyn that she was leaving after her assault on Hope and had told Evelyn that the girls must come first.  Fiz hit just the right note with "Did you?" as if she could not believe it either.  So maybe not comical but a testament to getting it just right as she showed her surprise and yet welcomed Ty being on "her" side and not Evelyn's conveyed in just those two words.  Great work.

Extras at Work

 Well not an extra but I like to sometimes remember the others involved behind the scenes so here is a call out to a recent cast member by the team - Tommy Orpington local football hero gets a mention on the newspaper board this week.

Writers: David Isaac & Martin Allen (Monday); Susan Oudot (Wednesday); Joe Turner & Mark Wadlow (Friday)
Directors: Abe Juckes (Monday & Wednesday); Matt Hilton (Friday)


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