Saturday, 1 December 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Chesney chases masked robber

The previews are in earlier than usual this week - as they will be for the coming weeks up to Christmas.  There’s trouble for Daniel and Sinead looming when Daniel furiously blames Steff. But then Sinead reveals Steff only has days to live.

Ken offers to give them a lift to the hospital. Meanwhile, desperate to help Sinead, Beth finds a specialist cancer clinic in Germany but realises it would cost thousands of pounds which they can not afford.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Ken the truth about Sinead as she is told the cancer has spread and she needs to start chemo as soon as possible. Sinead tells Beth the news. Later, as Carla takes money from the safe, Beth clocks the combination. Just what is she about to do? And why does it end up involving Chesney chasing after a masked intruder?

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