Saturday, 1 December 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Brian collapses on the cobbles

The previews are in earlier than usual this week - as they will be for the coming weeks up to Christmas.  Poor Brian has been overdoing it and he’s going to pay the price.

Phil orders Brian to rewrite the nativity overnight.  Overworked and clearly stressed, Brian goes to make a start but suddenly he faints, hitting his head on the table as he collapses. Phil taunts Brian that he appears to be stressed and that teaching is not for him, but Brian assures him he is committed.

Cathy’s horrified to hear about Brian’s collapse and after Phil drips poison in Cathy’s ear, she summons Brian home from work, confronting him with the caffeine pills she found in his coat. The doctor diagnoses Brian with heart palpitations and after being bolstered by Cathy, Brian tells the headmistress that Phil is making his life a misery. 

But will the headmistress believe Brian or Phil?

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