Thursday, 6 December 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 5th of Dec 8.30pm

As promised, here is the part two review of this Wednesday's Coronation Street.

At the Battersby love nest, the salacious sisters argue whilst Nick and Imran fail to cool the air.

At the factory, Nick is also on the minds of Carla and Elsa as they try and uncover his blatant extra marital affair. With Sarah leading Carla astray, the ladies end up at the Bistro where Nick is smug to see him entertaining a Leanne lookalike. Elsa swears revenge on Nick and Carla.  Whilst Imran smooths it over with a lovelorn Leanne, Carla realises that Sarah has given her a red herring, so she fires Nick's sister, whilst drinking Whisky (as you do).

Daniel and Sinead share the baby scan picture in the street. Deceptive as ever, Sinead decides to pay Ken a secret visit. Ken easily admits to giving Carla money for the couple, yet Sinead admits that another secret is still being kept from her 'Husband'.

Back at The Bistro, the McDonalds await the arrival of Adi and Dev. As Dev strolls in without his son, Amy realises she's been set-up and protests her dislike of Adi. Quickly realising they've got the wrong end of the stick, (and with Amy's continued insolence) ,Tracy and Steve decide that the contract will be torn up, and dumped in the red rec.

Finally, Fiz and Hope prepare to leave for Birmingham as Ty struggles to envisage his family being torn apart. Warming to Evelyn, Fiz decides that the 'cantankerous old bag' can keep Tyrone company whilst she's away. As the gang gather outside No.9, its an emotional departure on the cobbled winter street. Its left to Evelyn to disperse some more caustic words of  wisdom, as an upset Tyrone watches the taxi go.

I can't wait to see more of Evelyn on the street. What're your thoughts?.

Anyway, that's me for another week. I hope you've enjoyed this Wednesday's episode?.

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Join me next time, for more Wednesday Weatherfield Wisdom!.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'd love a storyline that brings Roy and Evelyn together. Not romantically, of course, but in some kind of unlikely double act. They are both old school in their outlook. Maybe they can find common ground in each other's wisdom. We could do with a moral compass on the Street again. It would tone Evelyn down and spark Roy up a bit.

Ancient corrier said...

Ooo! I like that.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of Roy and Evelyn being friends as he would smooth some of her rough edges and she would bring him out of his shell.
I guess Sarah will be asking for her job back at the Rovers?
I am disappointed that Nick gets away with fraud and lying to Elsa,Carla and Leanne.
I was really hoping that Carla would finally wipe that smug entitled off Nick's face and bring him down!

Anonymous said...

Now see, I'm the other way, I love seeing the smugness wiped off Carla's face.

Anonymous said...

PS Also like the idea of Roy & Evelyn being friends - an acting masterclass between the two of them!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Ha ha, I agree with anonymous--Nick isn't the only one who needs the smug and entitled look on his face wiped off! That said, the actor (and I assume directors) are definitely ramping up the smugness factor with Nick.


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