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Saturday 30 September 2017

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

I must apologise for the lateness of this week's entry.  I've had a rotten cold, but I've spoken to Moira at the Medical Centre, and she's promised to fit me in to see Doctor Gaddas on the third Tuesday in February.  Apparently I'm not important enough to get one of those special Rita Tanner Sunday Afternoon Walk In Appointments.

There's a new graffiti artist in town.   Now Craig's an upstanding member of the law enforcement community, his street artist mantle has been passed on.  I'm hoping this leads to a new storyline where Craig, wracked with guilt over the betrayal of his artistic community, is forced to arrest Banksy.

Will has thirty pairs of brown shoes in his spare room.  Lock him up now; the man's clearly a nutjob.  Presumably he has another room devoted to his forty spare pairs of glasses with a mirror so he can practice taking them off... then putting them on... then taking them off again.

Liz and Moira are now Super Friends.  Katherine Hepburn said of Fred and Ginger: "He gave her class, she gave him sex."  I see this as a similar exchange of sensibilities, with Liz teaching Moira how to loosen up and enjoy life, and Moira teaching Liz what a top button is for.

Warren Jackson is still a presence on set.  It would be easy to enforce a Stalin-esque purge when you change the head of a child actor on Corrie.  Wipe out any evidence that the original face existed.  It's nice, therefore, to see Original Flavour Nicky Tilsley turning up on Gail's sideboard, and to know that he hasn't been cleansed from the show in favour of pictures of Ben Price when he was a sapling.  (Bonus marks for including pictures of OG Bethany Platt too).

Nicola was going to get Summer drunk. I mean, I may be misinterpreting her, but apparently the young girl being rushed to hospital left her with two bottles of wine to share with Gary.  Either Nicola is a proper alkie - and the amount of bourbon she poured in those wine glasses may be evidence of that - or she was planning on splitting her booze stash with a teenage girl.  Pretty sure THAT isn't part of a traditional Shabbat meal.

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Louby said...

Kate Connor seems to have morphed back into a small child in the first pic!!

Anonymous said...


yeah, I laughed so hard at Nicola's line to Gary--that Summer had to leave early because of the accident, so she had two bottles of wine left (and by implication no one to drink them with?!!) The whole scenario--to have her two doors down from Gary when he had his row with Sarah--was so contrived it was hilarious. I mean, who has a one night hook-up with an acquaintance in someone else's house, in someone else's bed, when they're supposed to be babysitting? Who brings along two bottles of wine to teach a twelve year-old about a Jewish Friday dinner? And why was she there cooking this dinner for Summer anyways when we have never seen her with Billy or Summer before?! All ridiculous but the two bottles of wine for the Sabbath dinner with Summer--priceless! No wonder there will be problems with adoption...


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