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Saturday 23 September 2017

SIX Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

In honour of our extra visit to Weatherfield this week, I've expanded our regular dose of learning points from five to six!

Aidan's middle name is Finbar.  I hope this is a tribute to Viz's Finbarr Saunders and His Double Entendres. Fnarr!  Hrnk!

Mary's mother was on It's A Knockout!.  Sadly, dressing up as a twelve-foot milkmaid and filling enormous canisters while coming down a slide wasn't enough for her WI team to win. "On the plus side, that's how we found out she was lactose intolerant.  Long before it was fashionable."  Mary's mother has long stopped resembling anything close to a real humanoid, and thank the lord for that.

Cross Rosie Webster at your peril.  She's considering putting a direct threat to any future Mr Rosie in her wedding, just to make sure he doesn't stray - "revenge vows, I like it."  Though Sophie should be the one swearing vengeance against whoever did that to her fringe.

Rita might have forgotten a lot of things, but she remembers Alec Gilroy.  A lovely little tribute to the character played by Roy Barraclough, who sadly passed away in June.

Liz can put the red wine away.  Blimey, they'd not been chatting long; how much was she knocking back?  And there's still half a bottle left.  What was that, their third?  What's worse is she wasn't even tipsy.  She must have the constitution of a thirty stone wrestler from Bolton.

Michelle has a very selective memory.  She takes any chance to lay into Leanne and remind her that Steve was her husband when they slept together (she even did it in Friday's episode).  I hope that Leanne takes their new detente to casually remind her that Will might not be stalking her if Michelle hadn't lead him on by snogging him repeatedly behind Steve's back, right up to the point of booking a hotel room with him to do the dirty.  Oh, and that said dalliance was what lead to the initial breakdown in the marriage that sent Steve to Leanne's bed.  I doubt it will happen though because that part seems to have been wiped from Michelle's brain, probably because, as we all know, Michelle is the Unimpeachable Queen of the Galaxy, and she is never wrong.

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PoidaPete said...

From he way Rita spoke of Alec and Elsie, was it me or did she imply that Alec had passed away like Elsie had? I noticed Rita also had a photo of Alec at her house too, a small one behind the couch.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's galling for Michelle to have yet another go at Leanne while encouraging Will who ensured Robert got arrested and is in jail to follow her around like a lovesick puppy.
Michelle it seems has not learned her lesson.
I can't wait to see Michelle's reaction when she realises Will is her stalker.

Anonymous said...

Michelle already knows that Will is her stalker. She realised on Wednesday's episode

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I had to do a double take of Sophie to make sure it was her. Almost didn't recognise her with that fringe!

Tashacat said...

Looks like Liz's scammer pal is Moira's man. Two miracles on the Street, also. Johnny hasn't had an episode of weakness since he got married and Rita hasn't had a lapse of memory since the tumour was diagnosed. Oh, and I agree about Sophie's fringe..

Newfy Pearl said...

I wondered about that too Tashacat, Rita and Johnny, but I put it down to getting medical attention and medication that might help somewhat. With that said in Rita's case it could just be the writers and their weird ideas. lol Just imagine, she is going to have to make a massive decision of surgery at her age and in this condition. You would think someone would have asked if there was someone to speak for Rita if she could not. Afterall she could schedule the surgery and not show up....or agree then wonder why they are forcing her to stay in the hospital etc. lol

Tilly Flop said...

She's no longer in hospital. She was discharged in Friday's episode and she's staying at Johnny and Jenny's flat. Gemma is staying at Rita's flat to look after it

Newfy Pearl said...

No, I realise she is not in hospital now, I mean when she returns for her surgery.


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