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Saturday 16 September 2017

Coronation Street will knock us all for 6

There has been a considerable amount of criticism aimed at our favourite soap, regarding the increase from 5 episodes to 6. Originally there were only 2 episodes, both at 7.30 on a Monday and a Wednesday, which the then Poet Laureate, John Betjeman, named as '2 slices of heaven'- he continues - 'Manchester has produced a modern-day version of Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers -and I relish it!'

Well, if John Betjeman were alive today, I'm certain he would not be complaining about the 4 extra heavenly slices.

It was probably the case that, as each extra episode was added, viewers complained, saying that Corrie was spreading itself too thinly, and that it was quality not quantity that counts. Predictably, the complaints abound again, much of them on social media. But, have faith ye doubters, all will be well.

Some complained that the 6th episode should have been scheduled for a Sunday evening, and that there is something special about Corrie on a Sunday evening, perhaps because it could serve as an escape to cushion the blow from the fact that Monday morning and the working week is fast approaching. I can see that and have some sympathy with that view. Still, it will be more than welcome on a Wednesday- the single episode sometimes feels like an also run, huddled in between the Monday and Friday double episodes. No longer - Wednesday, you are now on a par with the big boys.

So, having claimed that all will be well, and that Corrie can easily manage a 6th episode, it is time to back it up, so here goes...

 I cannot remember a time when Corrie had so many story lines on the go. Some are in full swing, some are heading towards their resolution and others are in their infancy.

To name just some in full swing:-

  • Rita's illness
  • Will and his obsessive, destructive campaign towards Michelle - from teddy bear to demon in the blink of an eye
  • The double wedding
  • Gary's Ukrainian job
  • Tod, Summer and Billy
  • Norris and Mary and the bizarre Mr. and Mrs. Competition. 
  • Liz as receptionist under the tutelage of Major Moira
  • Seb ad his home circumstances 
  • David and shona's relationship
  • Gary and Sarah's relationship
  • Chesney's trauma after the attack
  • The development of Johnny's MS and Jenny caring for him. 
  • Sally and Kirk's Mayoral campaign

Those coming to an end-:

  • Phelan and Andy
  • Eva's revenge on Maria and Aidan
  • Aidan's discovery that there is no baby
  • The trial which should achieve justice for Bethany's agonies, when Nathan and Neil get there comeuppance 

Those just beginning:-

  • The problem with Rana over Kate Connor's new girlfriend, Imogen
  • The career break and adventure that Rana and Zeedan are planning, using their street food van
  • Adam's attraction to Eva - mutual?
  •  Gary's discovery that Nicola is Phelan's daughter
  • The Underworld espionage
  • Anna's total turnaround towards Seb on the discovery of his circumstances

Apologies for any I've missed out. My point is that there are plenty of actors and storylines to cope with 6 weekly episodes. So, come on Corrie, in the capable hands of Kate Oates, take your seat on the soap opera throne. Looking forward to number 7!

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Where's Emily?? said...

....and nary a Barlow in sight

Anonymous said...

Save Rita...more comedy and normal moments..bring the show back down to earth...too much gloom and doom all at once is getting to be a real turn off...

Dime said...

Liz and the internet scam

Joseph said...

Yes Corrie's in great form at the moment and all. But even with that, six episodes is a bit much. I'm a great fan and have been for nearly 15 years but I do have other commitments in my life that need attending to - and I struggle to find time to catch up as it is. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to watch regularly again. Pity but there it is.

Anonymous said...

The show started off as a more down to earth drama about the blue collar middle class and their life-like everyday struggles with a small dose of humour thrown it all gloom and doom about evil people harming others in one shape or another...bad things happened on the show from nearly the beginning but back then it wasnt too often and characters were allowed to have a normal its overloaded with too many baddies doing horrible things...i still like the show but not addicted to it the way i once about changing the title to Mean Street!!!


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