Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Daniel digs dirt on Phelan

Next week in Coronation Street, Daniel gets close to chasing Phelan’s past.

Daniel’s downcast that his editor only tasks him with reporting tedious local events and yearns for a meatier story. So when Yasmeen makes digs at Phelan about Vinny and the Calcutta Street flats scam, Daniel’s ears prick up. Impressed with the story details Cindy tells Daniel to keep digging. Having been to tend to Andy, Phelan is shocked when Daniel turns up at the house.

As Daniel quizzes him about Michael, Phelan asks Daniel to leave but a mention of Anna sets Daniel off on a new lead. As he quizzes first Anna then Todd he smells a story but when Phelan follows Daniel to a nursing home he is shocked by what he finds. Meanwhile impressed editor Cindy sees Daniel in a new light becoming flirtatious. Elsewhere unable to face the prospect of being Phelan’s hostage any longer, Andy stockpiles paracetamol, planning a suicide attempt.

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon)

So silly. Phelan gets away with countless crimes and no one seems to care or notice--even the people on the street he fleeced are still friendly (like Sarah) while Todd-- nice version 3.0--has dropped it all down the memory hole! But then Daniel turns over one or two stones, interviews one or two people and suddenly all his secrets are about to be revealed....! Why isn't it this easy for the cops? Not that I care, really, because it seems like an exciting storyline, but you would think the writers could make it just a little less preposterous.

Christine K said...

I agree! What about Andy's parents? I think they were they estranged but still. Phelan talked Luke out of going to Briton (?) to confront Andy who 'was staying with a friend' but why didn't Luke just follow thru or why hasn't this friend come looking for him? Bah! Frustrating.

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