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Thursday 28 September 2017

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 27 Sep, 8.30pm

Jason Bourne (Gary) continues to take risks. I don't know about you, but this feels very high concept for Coronation Street. Arthur Fowler nicked the Christmas club money in 'Enders many years ago, but this feels slightly out of kilter with what Corrie is.

Meanwhile, manipulative Mel camps out at Gail's, under the guise of being Bethany's helper. But Aud smells a rat, as do viewers.

Poor Craig is stood up and Bourne goes ballistic at him. In The Rovers, the war between Eva and Sean continues. Toyah offers to help resolve it, this won't end well!

Phelan continues to bond with Nicola and, this storyline is clearly not going to end well, either.

Todd and Adam working together is ideal, as they both play other people, so make great colleagues, because they know what makes each other tick.

Liz steps into Toyah's cod psychology 'conflict session', and talks about "putting on your slap and getting on with it." And, it works.

Nicola and Gary bump into each other and Gary dubs Phelan evil, even though he is acting like Donald Trump at a press conference.

Audrey and Gail hold court in the kitchen, but Bethany really wants her to stay with them. Cue, "Can I go outside to ger some fresh air?" Duh, duh, duh!

Poor Andy now resembles Tom Hanks in the film Castaway. After a long while, as an underwritten character, I have grown to really like him. I hope he escapes and blows the lid on Phelan.

Leanne is out of hospital with a few cuts and bruises. And now has fears about what kind of mum she is, given the danger she put herself in.

Todd and Billy sort Summer a night with Nicola. And she does not look amused. Andy, meanwhile gives Phelan a plan that he finds laughable. And it is, as he now thinks he's "Weatherfield's answer to Spiderman." Like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption, Andy has been locked up for too long.

Leanne swipes at Eva for all of her 'dramatics', and it's about time. No make-up does not mean, you undo the mess you have created.

Moira offering Steve kale and cous cous salad is priceless. This is a character who could be a great Marmite on toast for fans. Remember Mary when she first arrived?

Leanne has a chance to go back to the Bistro to work for new pal Michelle but she turns her down. But with no plan B, she might change her mind.

Cut to Mel chatting to Nathan in prison. Looking folorn and bent on revenge, he manipulates Mel into feeling sorry for him, grooming her on the phone. Just when you thought it was safe .... and all looking up for Bethany!

Another great new episode, as it does give characters space and time to breathe and develop. Well done Corrie writers!

Glenn Meads

Guest blog post by by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I wanted to ram that phone down Nathan's throat. Shows how well Chris Harper is acting this out. Also, sorry about this but David owns the Platt house, not Gail

njblas said...

I was left wondering how Gail and Audrey knew who Mel was as soon as they stepped foot inside No 8. I don't recall either of them having ever laid eyes on her before...

abbyk said...

Um, Todd sorted a Friday night dinner with Nicola on Yom Kippur. Not the night to learn regular Jewish Friday night customs. Or have dinner.

abbyk said...

(Unless Weatherfield is so far north that sunset would normally happen after dinner.)

Newfy Pearl said...

I thought that Todd was just tormenting Summer, he did not set up a dinner date with Nicola...he was just letting her think he did.
Also, I would think that Bethany probably had selfies that she showed Gail and Audrey of her with Mel.

Anonymous said...

With everything the Platt family has been through, it's disappointing that Bethany continues to learn absolutely nothing. Anyone at all simply has to come along with even the tiniest sob story, and she falls for it completely every time. Frankly, at this point, I have zero sympathy for her.

Anonymous said...

You have zero sympathy for a teenager who has been groomed? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Nicola is not a very orthodox Jew. She said so when Eileen made her a "traditional" meal.

Unknown said...

I agree with Anonymous above. I myself have zero sympathy for a teenager who consistently and willingly refuses to learn a lesson. She KNOWS she's been groomed, her mother knows it too, and still she falls for Mel's sob story. At what point will this girl learn? When she's dead? Where should sympathy apply in this situation? Everyone knows what happened and Bethany and her family fall for it again and again.
Zero sympathy from this fan.

Anonymous said...

I also have little sympathy for Bethany as she is putting herself and the family in unnecessary danger.
I am not impressed with Sarah either allowing a stranger to move in David's house without his permission, who does she think she is?!!
Audrey is the only one with common sense!

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree, groomed or not, Bethany still holds the 'I know better' mentality. I think it was good of Sarah to point out that Mel probably sees her as a pushover. She did not spare her daugther's feelings in trying to warn her. I think however that is probably as far as the 'mothers' dare to go in light of the stress Bethany must be under due to the upcoming trial.


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