Wednesday, 20 September 2017

ITV to air classic Coronation Street episodes

Viewers are to be transported back to Weatherfield past
No, this isn't an April Fools joke. ITV really are digging through the archives and bringing classic episodes of Coronation Street to your screens. Two archive episodes of the soap will air daily on ITV3.

The last time fans got the chance to see old episodes was in 2004, shortly before the former Granada Plus channel ceased to exist. From 1996 onwards they showed eighteen years worth of episodes that originally aired from 1976 to 1994.

Sadly for us die-hard fans it doesn't look like ITV3 will be airing the eps chronologically, with the first episode and second episode seeming to be from different time periods. Edit: Looking at further listings it appears that they will indeed be airing chronologically from January 1986.

See episode one at 14:45pm on Monday 2nd October.

Episode two directly afterwards at 15:15pm.
Mike Baldwin will be central to episodes
The two episodes will be repeated the following morning from 6am and two further episodes will air that afternoon in the same time-slot, continuing in the same manner throughout the week.

DigitalSpy are reporting that the episodes are from 1986, but we'll soon see. I really don't care otherwise, because this fan for one is very happy. I love an old episode, even though I'm already struggling to keep up with the 2017 eps!

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Scott Willison said...

Why wouldn't you show them in order? Start in the 80s and just keep showing them - cheap telly and easy to get people addicted!

Susan Shaffer said...

I agree with Scott, I wish they would show them all!

fairycake said...

I wish they would begin at the beginning! 9 December 1960!!!

fairycake said...

...and show them in order!!!!!

KAOS said...

Hope that they're unedited episodes - think older Corrie used to be 25 minutes, now it's 20 (more ads) and the picture isn't stretched and cropped for widescreen.

Louby said...

Brilliant news! Can't wait to see long departed characters like Mike Baldwin.

Anonymous said...

Why from 1986? that means we miss out on classic characters such as Annie Walker, Elsie Tanner, Len Fairclough, Ena Sharples, Albert Tatlock, Eddie Yeat, Stan Ogden ... the list is endless, I always wanted ITV 3 to do this but now I am quite disappointed

Andrew Marriott said...

Unfortunately 1986 is around the time the word "classic" really doesn't apply, it is easily within the memory of a lot of current viewers. I would consider the classic period to be 1960-1985, when it was quite a different show.
However it's what we should expect from ITV3 they are less than adventurous with their scheduling.

It's rare for me to get so excited and disappointed at the same time!

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