Sunday, 17 September 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Will Eva and Aidan's wedding go ahead?

Following his confession, Aidan and Eva have a heart to heart at the wedding venue - will the ceremony go ahead? Watch tomorrow night and find out.

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Catsmom said...

Whoa! What a picture of Eva! Looking like something from a horror movie.

Anonymous said...

So its gonna be like Carla and Nick's wedding?! What with Eva forgiving Aidan like how Nick forgave Carla. Then Maria rushes in with evidence of Eva's malicious unforgivable, revenge with the false pregnancy like how Tracy exposed Carla's arm-twisting to get Nick to sell up and leave. Which will inevitably leave Aidan to dump Eva and the alter making her angry and blaming Maria and pushing her into a fountain similar to Carla blaming Tracy for ruining her wedding and attempting to run Tracy over!

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