Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Eva and Aidan's wedding: See all the pics

Here are all of the preview pictures for Aidan and Eva's wedding next week on Coronation Street.

Oh dear, it looks like Aidan's having doubts. And is that our favourite Coronation Street extra - Mr Johnny Grimshaw - sitting behind the groom? It is indeed!

Here come sthe bride... oh 'eck, she doesn't look very happy.

Looks like Toyah is bridesmaid. Wonder where Leanne is?

Do you take this woman? Do you take this man?

Ooh, isn't she a picture?

 And here's the registrar in the red frock. Think you recognise her? She's been in Corrie before! 

Hang on... what's this? Maria interrupting the proceedings? Oh no!

Read our blogger Emma's interview with Cath Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price, as she reveals all about the wedding next week!  Read it here.

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Anonymous said...

A storyline that actually feel like it belongs in Corrie, in a year that's been filled with stalkers, murderers, psychos, and a guy being kept in a dungeon. But I guess anything goes now, I say bring on the doppleganger twist!!

Anonymous said...

Is it absolutely mandatory for Toyah to wear the worst clothes?

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