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Friday 22 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; September 20th 2017 - 7.30pm

Welcome to Part one of tonight's inaugural Wednesday Corrie Double. A jam-packed wander down Weatherfield that involves Weddings, fountain catfights, trips down memory lane, and if I'm honest, one of the best episodes of 2017. Undoubtedly.

As tonight's episode begins, we are back at the posh hotel and Aidan has just discovered Eva's pregnancy lie, loudly declared by maniac Maria. 

How Maria has the audacity is beyond me!. Anyway, as Aidan flees the scene and Eva chases Maria outside to the scenic hotel fountain, the factory family and assembled guests flow out, to watch the ensuing drama.

Over at the hospital, the worry and sheer fear of Rita's diagnosis leads to a wonderful monologue to Gemma, as she regales memories of  some of Corrie's finest past characters.

Alec Gilroy (she could never trust), she never had as many men as Elsie Tanner and only now swaps cards with Mavis. Len is dearly departed, as are Fred, Alf, and Tina. Even the fact she never had a child, growing old is taking its toll on Rita. Is Coronation Street apart to part with one of its true legends?. Only time will tell, as the #SaveRita campaign continues and  Gemma grabs holds of her surrogate Mum / Grandmother, us corrie fans certainly hold her dearly too.

Johnny and Jenny, however, have made a quick exit on motorbikes to make sure they make their nuptials. Will they or won't they, without Rita?.

As Eva rages towards Maria, (subtly placed next to the fountain) the blushing bride grabs the horrible hairdresser, and a classic corrie fight scene begins.

To repeat Tyrone's precious gem of wisdom 'don't wear a wedding dress if you're going to have a catfight in a an ornamental fountain'. Indeed my friend, indeed. 

As the guests regale in the fountain fight, Jenny arrives and quickly pushes the troops back into the venue for the continuation of this classic corrie wedding.

Over at Weatherfield FM, Norris and Mary look to be winning the round the world trip,with a quick-fire quiz about cheese. When Norris's phone loudly rings.. who is calling the newsagent, is it urgent?. Will they win the worldwide trip and what is Colin up to?.

At The Rovers Return, Michelle finds out about Aidan having an affair and explodes. Once again, the moral code of Weathefield's women comes crumbling down. Michelle is comforted by weirdo Will (who we know has motives) and Steve remains bemused, sat sullenly at the bar. Wasn't he barred?.

Back at the posh hotel, a harpist dramatises 'Isn't she lovely' by Stevie Wonder and the radiantly stunning Jenny Bradley, is escorted down the aisle by Sally Webster. Is a reconciliation for these old warring friends, now on the cards?.

Upstairs at the hotel, a reconciliation is also courted between Eva and Aidan although heavy words and guilty consciences rain heavy for the warring couple. Will they get back together?. In haste, Eva quickly texts Adam (Baldwin) Barlow to try and thwart her recent nefarious doublings, is it too late for the couple to reunite?.

Norris answers his ringing phone, ultimately ending the farcical radio competition and heading toward the hospital, we discover Gemma has rang round Rita's nearest and dearest and arranged a visit. However, we are reminded that two people are missing. As Jenny and Johnny begin to exchange wonderful heartfelt vows (no YOU'RE crying) they realise that their favourite red head octogenarian is still in hospital. However, having a convenient wedding guest in Billy (the vicar) it seems Rita wont miss the wedding after all?.

Its no Wedding for Eve and Aidan though, and the honeymoon period that never was, is most definitely over. So let's think shall we, a false pregnancy or an actual affair? I know who's side I'm on.

Eager to prove her love for Aidan, Eva decides to 'shout' her love from the rooftops... almost literally.
Will Eva (literally) fall for Aidan, will weirdo Will take those pills himself, ending this tedious story line?.

Follow my pal @Glenn_Writes and found out, as he gives you his take on Wednesdays 8.30pm episode.

Anyway I'm back next week, I've just had a call from Gemma at Weatherfield General.


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Jan said...

Am I the only person that doesn't like the Corrie obsession with women fighting? ( yes I know so many of you love it!)

Humpty Dumpty said...

At least, there was some authenticity when Rita said she now only exchanged Christmas cards with Mavis. How unlikely it would have been for Rita to leave the Street to live with her. I very much hope that's still the case at the end of this storyline.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

I don't care for them either--often look contrived, as the fountain scene did. The only fight (between women) that I've found authentic and justified was the one between Gail and Eileen over Sarah and Todd. There, all the emotions just boiled over and they literally could not contain themselves. But this one was too set up/staged and too much played for the comedy element. It was also too uneven: Eva was psychotic--she could be charged for attempted murder, the way she was holding Maria's head under water. Meanwhile, Maria was splashing a few handfuls of water at Eva, like an adult frolicking in a toddler pool. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

And in response to the post--zero sympathy here for Eva. She chased Aidan relentlessly, hounding him into commitments that he clearly did not want--first to move in together which he resisted for months, and then proposing in a way that made it almost impossible to say no--again, after he repeatedly made it clear to her that he did NOT want to get married.

Then, when he was finally going to come clean to her, she faked a pregnancy to trap him into marriage and embezzle him of his family's and his life savings.

No sympathy for Aidan either--clearly he was stringing along two great-looking women with no care for anything but his own gratification, but if a regular woman behaved like Eva did, people would describe her initial behaviour as manipulative, desperate, emotional blackmail, and her later behaviour as criminal fraud.

Newfy Pearl said...

Bottom line....I don't like Maria. Pathetic and untrustworthy character. I liked that later on Fizz gave no illusions of thinking that Maria did the right thing. Even poor Kiry asked why do you keep doing these things! lol

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,I think Maria did the right thing as I wondered how far was Eva was going to go with her 'pregnancy',steal a baby from the hospital?
I don't think Fiz is is any position to judge Maria either,she betrayed Maria by sleeping with Tyrone and cheated on Kirk with John Stape.
I also thought the 'mob scene'was a bit much as many of the guests also cheated at one time or another.

Jan said...

Who are these random people that turn up at weddings? Nobody can manage to get all their nearest and dearest to their wedding yet there in the background are people we've never seen before.

coconno196 said...

Jan: it's the same with funerals, plus all these folk on pretty low incomes are suddenly seen sporting brand new designer gear.

Newfy Pearl said...

Anonymous (if that is your real name lol) As for betraying Maria, they were not friends, she made no secret of going after Tyrone and it was a kiss that split the couple up, not sleeping with anyone. Also, if I recall, Fizz had left Kirk before starting to date John Stape - someone she had known earlier that had been encouraging to her. She decided she wanted more in life than running a dog kennel with Kirk and even turned down his proposal.

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,Fiz was living with Kirk when she met and started seeing John Stape,so yes she did cheat on poor Kirkie with him.
Even kissing another woman's bloke is a betrayal and I doubt Fiz would like seeing another woman kiss Tyrone now.
Besides whatever Maria did,still does not excuse Eva's pathetic lie about being 'pregnant' when she should have just walked away from Aidan when she found our about his betrayal.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think you and I remember the Fiz Stape story differently. As for this storyline with Eva and Maria. I would not condone it in real life, but as a soap opera plot twist it was golden. And I prefer Eva to Maria. Maria is as I said, the best friend you would never want to have around your boyfriend/husband. She has no scruples when it comes to men. She is a serial cheater. Sorry if it offends, but it is my opinion, and from what I read online, the feeling of a lot of other Corrie fans.


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