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Monday 25 September 2017

Coronation Street Friday 22nd September episode review

"You've gotta have a gun if you go to America!"
 Hiya! It’s just Jordan with a very quick review on Friday’s trip to Weatherfield. I’ve only just managed to get realistically caught up and even now I am watching as I type. Oh I will never let myself get two weeks behind ever again!

As morning dawns on the cobbles, the machinists trudge to work, gossiping about the fabulously daft wedding drama on Wednesday. The women turn the corner to a sight they didn’t expect to see: an empty factory laden in police tape. A helpless Johnny sends his workers home, unsure what to do. What else do you do when your business has been cleared out, roof and all? As we know, Adam Barlow is behind all of this and Eva was originally his accomplice when seeking revenge for Aidan’s affair. The pair quickly made up after their not-wedding but Adam still carried out his scheming. The police can see no signs of a break-in, so they are convinced it was an inside job. This leads Johnny and Jenny to decide that Eva was behind it all, and when Aidan hears this, he confronts a tearful Eva, who appears to have forgotten about this plot when her window-ledge wedding thing put her relationship back on track. Johnny though, has decided that this is all Aiden’s fault because he had an affair in the first place, and appears to cut all ties with his son. Eva storms over to Adam’s flat and swears that if she goes down for this, she’s taking him with her.

Woe-is-me Michelle continued with her latest dramatic farce in Friday’s episode, now determined to prove that ex-boyfriend Will is harassing her, not drug dealer Rich as she had originally thought. Having found photographs taken of her without her knowledge in Will’s flat the other night, she now sets about gathering more evidence against him.  First, she goes to the club from where her drink was spiked and she was kidnapped. She meets the very classy barmaid – a cameo appearance by Cheryl Cole’s mother – round the back of the club, and shows her a picture of Will. She seems to remember him coming in, hanging around alone for a bit and then leaving without buying a drink.  This prompts Michelle to march over to the police station all guns blazing, only to be told that there is not enough hard evidence. What a surprise! Even the odd photographs of Michelle do not bear much foundation, given that the police would struggle to get a search warrant.  This leads Michelle to do what she does best – scream and shout and sigh and cry. She orders all the customers to leave the Bistro and is shocked to see Will turn up in the kitchen later. Knowing that it would only make things worse if she confronted him, Michelle lies, making out she’s had an argument with Robert. Will lies back and hugs her. Leanne walks in and immediately puts two and two together and gets five. Later, when the man with the odd glasses has gone, Michelle confides in Leanne. Over a bottle of wine, the pair decide to get revenge.

 Elsewhere, Liz has a crafty idea to help catch her e-cig scam man. At the suggestion of Rana, she sends him a naughty picture and arranges a date with him.  Under the fake name of Patricia Eliza Fernandez, Liz  dresses up as only Liz knows how and the plan was to catch him out by recording him when he tries to scam her. However, the scam artist (who gave a suspiciously telling look towards Moira), doesn’t mind when she’s forgotten her money and arranges a second date. She's even forgotten to record him! Are we having a repeat of the Gail/Michael the burglar scenario here? As well as all that, the host from the Weatherfield radio turns up to visit Rita in hospital. He talks of his plan to buy the Kabin so Rita can go travelling. By the end of the episode, both Norris and Rita seem to have accepted the offer and  Rita has even enlisted Gemma as her round-the-world driver!

I’ve just checked the time and tonight’s Corrie will have just finished airing so I’m going to stop there! It’s been a little slapdash, I know, and as late as logic will allow, but I couldn’t not review the conclusion of what has been a fabulous “big” week on Corrie. Full of laughs and downright daft, camp drama. If someone hasn’t already made a GIF of Eva growling and running in her massive wedding dress towards Maria, then something is wrong with the world.

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Thank you Jordon for the reviews, i miss reading them


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