Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Mel attacks Bethany

Next week in Coronation Street is evil Nathan’s court case. Nathan phones Mel and, promising her they will be together when it is over, tells her to do whatever she can to stop Bethany getting to the court to give evidence.

Pretending she is going to the police Mel gets Bethany to accompany her to the station but instead stops the car by some railway tracks and grabs her by the hair dragging her towards the tracks. Craig is called out to a fatality at the railway sidings where he finds a necklace identical to Bethany’s, what has happened, has she managed to escape Mel’s clutches?

Meanwhile with no sign of Bethany at the court Nathan’s barrister is sure things will go his way. Will Nathan and his gang pay for what they have done?

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1 comment:

C in Canada said...

Craig to the rescue again? I do hope so!

The sooner they can put creepy Nathan behind bars the better.

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