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Friday 15 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; September 13th 2017

Welcome to another Wednesday wander down Weatherfield way!.

Tonight's episode begins with Eva's return from France. Adam Barlow is all suited and booted and ready to meet her.
After Eva reveals she's emptied Aidan's credit card, we are also informed that her Mother Stella, shan't be returning for the wedding. No disappointment from me on that score.
Gary is relishing in Sarah's new hairdo (1980s crimp, anyone?) with flowers and the promise of another night out. Gary's imminent return to Ukraine (not 'The Ukraine' as I was reminded by a recent Conversation street podcast), is causing the ex-soldier to act weird and Sarah seems confused (when isn't she) by his bolshy behaviour.
After Monday's failed trip to Chester, Nicola finds out about Seb's real life game of 'grand theft auto' and subsequently, has had a bad day at work. Sharing her concerns with her paternal Pat, Daddy Phelan remains nonchalant and obviously has greater things to worry about. Has Phelan's relationship with his equally wayward daughter, hit the skids?.

As Imogen and Kate arrange a night out with Rana, Luke, and Alyla; the new couple seem to get on great- much to Rana's bemusement. Besmirching her husband so she can head out alone, what is Rana's issue with Imogen?. As the gang arranges to meet at Weatherfield's trendy new club 'Cloud 99',  a rebutted Gary and an equally troubled Nicola seem to have also ended up at the new nightspot...what a coincidence!. Is this a new venue we are being introduced too, ready for next week's extra episode?.
As Jonny and Jenny meet at The Rovers, the factory boss reveals that Underworld is losing orders. The suited & booted Barlow however, meets ex-underworld customer Mathew Singh for a covert business meeting. Just what has Adam got planned for Aidan?. Will Underworld go under?.
Rita's confusion continues as she forgets to order the magazines and arranges another appointment at the medical centre. Gemma has to head to town for her copy of 'Kebab Monthly' (lol) but continues to test Rita's struggling memory. Norris also excitedly reveals that he and Mary have made the final of the Mr & Mrs competition. Personally, I'm looking forward to the new character this storyline is introducing and its been a comedy sidestep, in amongst some serious storylining.
Over at 'Cloud 99', a stood-up and newly single Nicola begins talking to brooding Gary (neither are aware of whom the other is). The two immediately hit it off, Gary drowns in his sorrows whilst pouring his heart out to his new found friend. After his faux fight with Luke, Nicola is all doe eyed at Gary's macho monologue. I think we can see where this is going.

Weird Will is still sniffing around and decides to breaks up with Maria, and over at the Bistro, we are treated to a 'glammed' up Shauna. She certainly brightens up the bourgeoisie bistro clientele. I'd hope Will sticks around for that refurb, it's certainly needed. Shauna however, more of that, please!.

Obviously reeling from her latest relationship disaster, the effervescent 'tart with a heart' Maria, exits The Rovers Return and unsurprisingly has the audacity to question Adam on his feelings for Eva!. As Nicola arrives back on the street in a taxi, Gary happens to be across the road and realising new friend Nicola's paternity, he warns her to stay clear. I've got a feeling, that a touchpaper has been lit for some explosive action over the next week...
Anyway that's me done, I'm off to 'Cloud 99' for a cocktail with Gary.

Speak next week.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It didn't occur to me that Nicola was turned on by Gary's macho stories, but maybe you're right. Mostly I thought she could see PTSD a mile off and, given her line of work, lacked the good sense to run. Instead, she wanted to be a do-gooder, listen, and recommend professional help.

Could someone please help me understand the story Gary told Nicola? I'm a viewer from the States who had a seriously hard time following Gary's narration. I know there was a 7-year old he was supposed to protect, then there was a man with a knife who wanted to kidnap (?) her, and then he had a gun pointed at the man's head, and then what happened?

I really want to know -


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