Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Heroin hits Weatherfield

Next week in Coronation Street, we’ll find out Seb’s home truths.

Anna calls at Seb’s house with groceries. His mum Abi seizes the opportunity to head upstairs with a bottle of vodka, leaving Anna stuck in charge of the twins.  Seb arrives home to find Anna and Abi mid-argument. As his mum slopes off, Seb snaps at Anna to be grateful she’s merely drunk rather than high on heroin.

Anna’s shocked to learn that Abi’s an addict. Tim wants Anna to call social services but Anna is torn and decides Seb needs her help. Meanwhile Faye is suspicious when she finds Anna’s purse in Seb’s pocket. Unaware that Anna dropped it at the house Faye accuses Seb of stealing it.

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