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Friday 29 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; September 27th, 2017 7.30pm

Welcome to Part One of this week's Weatherfield Wednesday double. How are we finding this newly installed double dose?.

For me, the drama appears to become thick (like Adam Barlow's hair) and fast, like the upcoming trial of Nathan Curtis V Bethany Platt. Tonight, the first episode begins with Bethany checking the calendar, we are informed that the 2nd of October, is when the trial begins.

Over at Roy's Rolls, child prodigy Summer, has apparently quizzed Billy on the ethics of religion (that would be an ecumenical matter!) whilst Todd pours over Adam's accounts. Does his dodgy business partner suddenly have a 'money tree'?. As an abundance of ex-stock furniture arrives for his solicitor's office, Adam protests his innocence - money from an ex-employer apparently. Will Todd be convinced?.

Over at The Rovers Return, Sean suspects Eva has brought down the factory, Leanne hasn't got a concussion and a surrogacy meeting is on the cards for Toyah and Peter, leaving Eva in charge of the pub. Considering her recent revenge tactics have completely closed Underworld, would she best person to leave a business with?.

Down the cellar, Phelan is clearing up after Andy like some psychotic Snow White and his 'pussycat persona' is hardly pleasing an agitated Andy, he is dying to get out and tries to coerce Phelan into another cunning plan. Phelan doesn't really enjoy playing prison guard but I for one, would have liked to have seen him capture weirdo, Will, I would have loved that!!.

Meanwhile, outside Audrey's salon, new apprentice Bethany retreats to the bistro for her dinner date with Craig, but is side-tracked by the sudden reappearance of Nathan's psycho sidekick; Mel. I wonder why, with the trial only a week away?. Also suddenly reappearing via Ukraine is Gary, surprising Sarah and to show his support as the unmissable court case, looms.

Before Bethany can call the police, an emotional Mel is seeking refuge and claiming poverty. Bethany needs Mel but can she see talk to the police, or, is she still shackled to the chains of Nathan Curtis?. Craig meanwhile, waits nervously for Bethany and broods over a budding romance on the next table. Can we see Bethany and Craig as a couple?.

As Mel settles in a round at Gail's, Gary is settled back into his moody and short-fused, newly acquired temperament. As he eyeballs Nicola and gets annoyed with Baby Harry, just what is eating Gary up this time?. After Anna spots his black and blue bruising, is his job in the Ukraine proving to be too dangerous?.

Someone else who may be in danger is Bethany. As Mel confesses a load of psychological horrors to Bethany, still claiming to be Nathan's number one victim, but will she side with the law or is Nathan still under her skin?.

Nicola seems confused by Gary's reappearance and sits on Maxine's bench as Seb consoles her, over her failed brief dalliance with PC Scott. That 'non-violent communication' shan't be wasted now Seb is back working with Phelan?. Maybe Robert could do with some advice from Seb as over at Weatherfield prison, Michelle informs him of the drama with weirdo Will. 'Shell obviously doesn't see the irony in visiting her unhinged businessman boyfriend in prison whilst her stalker(an unhinged businessman) is now also in custody. Get back to Steve 'Shell!.

Remaining precariously unhinged, Mel continues to delude Bethany with stories of Nathan's earlier psychological abuse. Just how will this trial turn out?.

Save the date... the 2nd of October is in my diary.

Just what will Bethany do? Does Adam have a money tree, and is Craig still in the Bistro?

Follow my pal Glenn and found out, as he gives us part 2 of this mid-week episode double!

Anyway, I'm off to meet Shirley Savage outside Millington's Butchers - cheers Kirk!

TARA! I'm back next week.

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Louby said...

Bethany + Craig= no! Certainly not now, the week before the trial.

The extra episode felt weird. Not last week because that was special, but now it feels like a liability tbh.

Anonymous said...

Andy is completely pathetic.

Going by the spoilers and preview video, I have a feeling (no pun intended) that Phelan will in fact go along with his plan in kidnapping someone else (probably Anna) and then "let Andy go" by killing him.

As much as Phelan is the comic-book villain will will eventually get his by probably being killed off, I pretty much can't wait for Andy to get his. He's willing to do anything to save his own skin (as evidenced by his "plan" and the fact he burned the garage down, don't forget about that) which shows he's as vile and nonredeemable as Phelan is.

Anonymous said...

My guess is when Phelan finds out Gary slept with Nicola, he'll tell Andy nothing would give him greater pleasure than to see Gary locked up in the basement. Andy will protest, saying he didn't think it would be anyone he knew, and Phelan will say, "It has to be Gary. How much do you really want your freedom?"


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