Monday, 25 September 2017

Guest blog post: In praise of Tina O'Brien

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When Tina O’Brien joined Coronation Street she had just left school and was hit with one of the biggest storylines in soap history which was the teenage pregnancy and honestly she made so many people proud and she smashed it. She remembers getting the phone call and crying with her mum as she knew life would change (in a good way).

The Platts are the biggest and best family in my eyes honestly there is so much drama and distress but I guess you can call it “a Platt thing”. As soon as they begin to get on the right path someone messes it up and they go back to square one.

Tina has had various huge storylines over the years she has been on the cobbles but as I'm only 13 I wasn’t old enough to watch the earlier ones so I've watched the previous ones on youtube. One of my favourites was the teenage storyline as she really got her teeth gripped into it and showed the nation how much talent was brewing inside of her. Another one of my favourites has to be the grooming storyline as she absolutely smashed it and the way she portrayed it at such a young age was incredible.

Tina mentioned that she won't be going anywhere. In an interview she states that if she didn’t leave in 2007 then she probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate everything she has and has done as much as she does now.

I'm so proud of Tina and everything she has achieved over the years I hope she knows it and I will always and forever be supporting her. She's such a credit to Coronation Street and warms my heart when she's smashing her scenes. Thank you for being so amazing Tina, I love you.

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