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Sunday 17 September 2017

Corrie weekly awards for September 10 - 15

Are we having fun yet? Rita thinks there isn't enough fun in the world. That smoothie that Gemma made wasn't a good start to a fun day out and it ended pretty grimly, too.

Musical Ambiance: "Rock the Boat" in the pub when Peter was giving Ken and Tracy hell for causing trouble in the pub.
The Soul of Adventure: David the Dog really does have a wandering, adventurous spirit, doesn't he?

Flip Flop award: Anna has seen a different side to Seb and she's all maternal and protective of him now.

Last Minute award: Eva bought her wedding dress in Paris, bringing it home mere days before the wedding.

Emotional Blackmail award: Gary for pushing Sarah to bin work off and getting all sulky when she won't.

Fashionista award: Gemma's hair bow thingy, so very "Gemma" and actually quite cute! It just didn't match the rest of the outfit. Let's just try to bleach that dress Rosie was wearing to the hen do, shall we?

Lines of the week:
Yasmeen "My poor terrorized chickens have quite literally been in a flap!"
Tracy to Toyah "It's your family that make our family look normal" Leanne "Excuse me, how many bodies have you got buried in your backyard?"
Yasmeen "My husband responded to food, he did not respond to politeness. I think I know the difference"
Michelle "Falling off your chair (drunk) is highly underrated" Maria "Yeah, especially if someone else is paying"
David "Sarah! it's Jason Bourne for you!"
Nicola "I broke up with my boyfriend. It's been so stressful" Gary "More stressful than holding a gun to someone's head?" (eh???)
Rita "Having Fun! There isn't enough of that in the world"
Jenny to Johnny "You dare go in there (a lapdancing club) and I'll have your wotsis for earrings"
Gina "She's like Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher with me grub"
Eva "Fasten your seatbelts, ladies, it's gonna be a bumpy night"
Rosie "How do I look?" Sally "Like a porn star" Rosie "Oh thanks Mum!!"
Rosie "Imagine...going to a school of thought. It's really freaking me out. Imagine going to a school where all you do is think! I'd hate it!"

Therer won't be any awards for a few weeks, I'm on my jollies and won't get caught up for a few weeks. 

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Anonymous said...

Getting old fast...the dumbing down of's off the charts. Did she have a lobotomy while she was away?

coconno196 said...

And remember she was so clever that Sally sent her to a private school... Must say I do find some of her lines very funny šŸ˜„

Cobblestone said...

Sally sent her to a private school not so much because she was clever, but because Sally believed it might make her so. Her teachers, let us not forget, used to refer to her as 'Dozy Plebster'.

Anonymous said...

The writers must be fans of horror movies,first there's the 'Saw'torture scenes in the basement with Andy and Phelan[which is tedious to watch]and at Eva's hen party there was the ode to the prom scene from 'Carrie' with Maria getting soaked in chocolate milk [fortunately it wasn't pig's blood]as a 'joke' by Eva and Toyah.
To her credit Leanne didn't like their 'joke'.
I felt a little sorry for Maria being humiliated as neither Eva or Toyah are not much better,Eva lying that she's pregnant and greedily to destroy Underworlds and Toyah being a hyporcrite as she too had an affair with Peter while married!
If Toyah is so happy with Peter,she should get over her grudge of Maria sleeping with her Toyah's lecturer boyfriend John years ago[the guy was a creep!].

coconno196 said...

Well said Anon. For all her checkered history, Maria didn't deserve the Carrie punishment. Toyah is a hypocrite and Eva's treatment of the Connors is way over the top. Kate and Jenny don't even know about Aidan's affair with Maria šŸ˜ 

Maricha said...

That's true but Rosie now seems completely stupid to the point where you might think she was mentally challenged. Rosie wasn't bright but I never thought she was handicapped back then. The writing is going over the line of comedy.

Anonymous said...

Rosie seemed smart when she was tricking the ex friends of Gemma. I think she is not dumb but takes things very literally, maybe??


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