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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 20 Sep

7.30 Coronation Street.
Will Jenny or Eva succeed in becoming Mrs Connor? Rita faces an uncertain future. Michelle enters the lion's den.

8.30 Coronation Street.
The pieces fall into place for a horrified Michelle. Adam's plan for Underworld comes to fruition. Colin makes Norris an offer for the Kabin.

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boris the spider said...

OMG, I knew they were going to take the stock and machinery, but what on earth did they do to the roof?????

boris the spider said...

PS not liking Vic Reeves's character at all. Not one of his greatest fans.

Rapunzel said...

Two things:
1. I'm not a local so don't know who Vic Reeves is outside this episode. Please would someone explain his appeal.

2. Aiden and Eva back together - seriously?? I refuse to feel sorry for him and have lost a lot of respect for Eva this episode for her rather desperate performance.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't got any appeal. His comedy partner Bob Mortimer was more naturally funny and talented. He's blagged a living for decades. A one trick pony. Also why does he talk about himself in the third party

coconno196 said...

Totally agree, he's way over-rated. Bob Mortimer on his own, in panel games like Would I Lie To You and Room 101, is delightful, really funny.

boris the spider said...

I concur. Vic Reeves is one of our unfunniest so-called "comedians". How he's had success (?) is beyond me. He was also on "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here" as himself a few years back and he wasn't a very nice person in real life. Miserable sod, actually.

CK said...

Sooo no one on the street noticed someone putting a huge hole in the roof of the factory? And after all that Eva loves Aidan the tight-shirted one? Lastly Michelle is such a horrible person! I'm so sick of her whining and snivelling, let Will take off his glasses and kidnap her permanently please.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree Rapunzel. I was hoping that Eva would have walked away and later thanked Adam for not pulling out as she had asked. But as it stands now....ugh
I mean really. She could have a tall dark handsome Scotsman or a belly bulging cheating liar. No contest as far as I am concerned. lol

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority, but, after all the drama, I enjoyed the scenes where Eva and Aidan talked it out and reconciled. (It won't last, of course, after the scheme with Adam comes to light.) But the slowed-down time, the realistic conversation between the two - coming to realize how much they regretted the hurt they'd caused the other - felt sane, like the necessarily relaxed pace of a day dedicated to recovering from a hangover. Getting back to normal. And please don't body-shame the actor who plays Aidan. He seems like a nice-enough guy who recently had a kid. He's probably more worried about being a father than working out or angsting over his weight rn.

Nina said...

Newly Pearl, not a nice comment as some of it relates to the actor as well as the character.

Newfy Pearl said...

I will apologise for that comment. Sometimes my fingers on the keyboard need a moment for my brain to catch up. I don't usually comment this way. It shows how well the actor plays the part...because in the moment of typing that comment I was irritated by 'Aiden' stringing on two women and then both of them fighting over him as though he were God's gift to women. So was inappropriate and I certainly did not have any ill will in mind for the actor. Thanks for the reminder. :-)


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