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Monday 18 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 18th September

Hello and welcome to Wedding Week in Weatherfield. It's a nice day for a fight wedding! Eva certainly hasn't been idol (geddit) and her Evengeance is coming to a head. But her plans come a little unstuck when Maria gives a poor excuse for not turning up to the nuptials, and then Aidan, after Kate spouts an Aesop's Morality Tale at him, turns up in the pub and confesses to cheating on Eva, telling her how much he loves her and hates himself. He tells all about the affair: who it was with, how long it went on for, who else knew, and then dramatically leaves, telling her he'll be waiting for her at the altar.

Prior to this, Eva was still plotting with Adam, handing over the keys to the factory for him to give to Matthew Singh. Unbeknownst to anyone but Toyah, who has bonded with Eva over Vengeancegate, Eva forgives her beau, tries to get Adam to call off the factory takeover and decides to get married for realsies.

I did wonder who's doing everyone's hair given that Maria starts plotting her her own revenge plan and Audrey knows what a Corrie wedding is gonna be like and is thus hunkered down at Grasmere Drive. Toyah spots Maria lurking, Mrs Danoers-style, in an upstairs window at the wedding venue, and manages to lock her in a bathroom, but nothing stops a Maria scorned and she escapes, revealing not just to Aidan, but to all the wedding guests that THERE IS NO BABY! Eva, Eva, Eva, don't you know that before you embark on a journey of revenge, you dig two graves?

Evil Will turns up like a bad penny and inveigles his way into being Michelle's +1 at the wedding, taking off his glasses every time he's making an evil plan. Not satisfied with being her arm candy for the day, he follows Michelle from his car, espying her going to the prison to see Robert, andhe  puts a white rose on her car. Will! I know you're evil and all that, but you can't leave a Lancashire lass the symbol of Yorkshire. It turns out that Michelle leaves a white rose every time she goes to the beach where they scattered Ruairi's ashes and she is understandably upset, thinking her stalker must have followed her to the seaside. Michelle makes her own confession, that she and Robert are still together.

From Mr and Mrs Connor to Mr and Mrs Weatherfield as Norris and Mary get stuck into the final of the Mr and Mrs competition, and Norris into the croissants. Mary meets Colin, head of marketing and ex-newsagent, whose ex-wife has turned his string of paper shops into yoghurteries - in Oldham! Mary hasn't been on TV before but she was in the audience when her mother was on It's A Knockout dressed as a twelve foot milkmaid whilst filling giant milk-pails. Oh, if only it were available on youtube. Vic/Jim/Colin gives Mr and Mrs Cole preferential treatment, pushing them into the middle of the promo pic and sending a rival Mrs off to get a scotch egg rather than spend any time at the make up station. What's his game? What's on the end of the stick, Colin?

Meanwhile, Gemma and Jenny Bradley are in the hospital with Rita, although Mrs Tanner herself has gone walkies, finding a man playing some old war songs on a Bon Tempi and she does some excellent harmonies on Let The Rest Of The World Go By. Her illness stops Johnny and Jenny getting married but she gets her diagnosis, the one the tabloids spoiled for us several weeks ago - Rita has a brain tumour.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week on t'cobbles!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Oh right, it was the bathroom that Toyah locked Maria in. Thanks for that. I couldn't be sure because, you know, how do you lock someone in a bathroom from the outside? The writers did the same wheeze with Kate's stalker ex-girlfriend, and that was never explained. Rita's story was very well done tonight.

Tilly Flop said...

Finbar?? Who knew? Vic Reeves is as annoying as I expected him to be

Cobblestone said...

Humpty - Toyah snatched the key from inside the bathroom door and locked it from the outside. It was clearly shown. (Although she couldn't have known it had a mortise lock when she barged in, so she was taking quite a gamble).

Humpty Dumpty said...

You're right, Cobblestone. Actually, I saw Toyah snatching something from the door but got confused and thought she was locking the bedroom door. It's unlikely the bathroom door would have any kind of lock due to safety reasons but - and this is when fans start rationalising amongst themselves - maybe Toyah knew it was a mortise because the bride's room had the same layout. Silly stuff with the photos underneath the chairs!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

Serves Eva right! Couldn't wait to see her get her comeuppance--such selfishness and spite! Glad she was hoist on her own petard--and that Maria exposed her, rather than vice versa (as was intended).

And for once Peter Barlow was talking sense: "Wasting a lot of people's time and money...I can't make it; I'm going to take Simon to a few good movies!"

Wondering when did Toyah become such a smug and vicious cow? At least Eva had cause and cut a dramatic, over-the-top figure, culminating in her fairy tale wedding dress (breath-taking!) But the acidulated and smirking Toyah, always lurking in the background, her sour face lit up from within as she glories in the pure spite of it all! Horrid, and I don't quite understand how the writers want to present her. After all, why would she be so invested in Eva's revenge--she couldn't stand her herself and has only known her two minutes. And they're in no way, shape or form sisters or stepsisters.

Anonymous said...

Because Toyah still holds a grudge against Maria, I suspect.

Louby said...

Can't wait to see what happens next, when Aiden finds out he's got no money and no factory, and not only does he have to suffer the revenge, but so does his father, who has a serious health condition, and Jenny too.

I do like the twist though, that just before the revenge is complete, she realises that she does love him and wants to marry him.

Cobblestone said...

Humpty, I did consider that possibility regarding the nature of the lock on the bathroom door, but rejected it as Toyah had only just arrived at the venue when she spotted Maria at the window. In fact, the bride appeared not to even have a room, having dressed at home. Very strange then that the bridesmaid had a room booked.

Newfy Pearl said...

What a fantastic episode! I fastforwarded not to avoid stories but to rush ahead and see what happens with Eva!!!!
I loved that she called Toyah 'Sis'. The joining of these two characters is awesome. I love the three 'sisters' and the bridge that Leanne has created for both Toyah and Eva to have that extra connection.
I love that Toyah stuck with Eva to the end.
I was glad that Adam could not pull out of the plan, as it seems obvious that Aiden will not be as forgiving as Eva has been.
Loved Rita singing, and loved the way that Gemma picked up on her confusion and made mention of the poster. Also Jenny showed genuine concern for someone other than herself, and who doesn't love Johnny.
I have to go back and watch the rest to be honest. But kudos to Corrie. Loved the episode!
And your write up was amazing as well.


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