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Friday 22 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Wednesday 20 September Part 2

With Eva hanging by a thread, 'Reet Petite' in hospital, surrounded by pals, and creepy Will about to drug Michelle (he has a point! God, she has become miserable), all eyes were on this extra episode.

The previous ep had so much comedy, drama and poignant moments, that this much trumpeted extra slice had a great deal to live up to. Due to the brilliant multi-layered performance of Cath Tyldlesley, who has really given it her all this past week, Eva's revenge plot has gone from tired to tearjerkingly brilliant, and finally comic, as she takes her dress off to save herself! 

Meanwhile, Will with his invisible twirling moustache and raised eyebrow has been spelling out to Michelle that he is up to no good. Short of tying her to the tram lines, with the destination on the front of the met changed to 'Villainy', what else can he do? 

Jenny's wedding takes place in hospital, so that Reet can witness it. And there is not a dry eye in the house. Sally Ann Matthews has been bloody brilliant, as she has taken Jenny by the scruff of the neck and made her really likeable, without turning her into goody two shoes. The writers have done a blinding job this week. Hats off to them. 

Mad Maria seems to have dried her barnet, following the Dynasty style hair pulling underwater. Kirk sticks by her through thick and thin. But even he must be thinking, it might be time to walk away, as there's only Dev left for our Maria! 

Michelle finally turns into Jessica Fletcher, but is it too late? Will's glasses are steaming up and there might be more than quiche for shell bell! Run, Michelle run! 

Aidan and Eva finally talk things through. But, where do you start? It would take years of therapy to sort this mess out. My thoughts are the same as many fans, methinks Eva will be pregnant for real. 

The friends gathered round Rita's bedside is a lovely touch, as it proves just how many people love the woman. And Gemma and Reet have grown into a lovely chalk and cheese double act. 

Adam sits brooding in The Rovers, as Aidan decides to give things a go; cue operation factory takeover. Either that or Adam will appear at the factory on Friday and boil Eva's rabbit if she had one. 

With so many subplots competing for your attention, the radio comp featuring Mary and Norris is barely watchable, as it feels too 'small' to compete with the massive drama that has ensued. 

Johnny decides to do something that Theresa May can't; reshuffle his cabinet, the factory. The camera zooms and the roof has gone, Underworld has no undercarriage! 

And, the iconic theme tune plays and we are left in suspense. The new episode was always going to feel like the second half of a good book, as part one packed so much in. 

But, it's safe to say - Corrie is back and back with a bang. Perfect performances and small moments such as Sally giving Jenny away, juxtaposed with the high drama and comedic moments mean one thing, Wednesdays are gonna rock! 

Glenn Meads

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Right. Nobody was around on the Street to notice even the roof being taken?

Glenn Meads said...

Yasmeen thought she heard something as she walked the dog, but said nowt. It's high concept but the pay off re the shock for the newlyweds is worth it.

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved the episodes....if I did have to pick one thing I found was that Norris could not say "Brie" before answering his phone. lol What a way to end that little story...very anticlimactic. Otherwise well done Corrie. Oh and Yasmeen is too nosey not to have investigated the sound of a roof being taken off. lol Thanks for the writeup. :-)

Nina said...

Agree with you there. Norris had time to say quite a few words about how he had to answer the phone but not his one word answer. Silly way to finish all that build up to the competition.

coconno196 said...

I thought the same, but maybe it was a moral message? Norris and Mary didn't deserve to win the competition because of their fraudulent marriage.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Agree that the Mr & Mrs comp was the elephant in the room. Not helped by Vic Reeves. And I think you're right coconno, a moral message indeed. So glad that happened.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Oh and answer me this ..... are Mary and Norris still legally married or was it annulled?

coconno196 said...

Married in name only I presume, Derelict (love your name ­čśŐ), and living separately. What's the betting the writers never tie up this storyline?

Sharon said...

Why did they take the roof off? I totally don't get that.

Newfy Pearl said...

Sharon: Either some of the equipment is so big and heavy it had to be taken out by crane, or they just did not want to be seen taking everything through the front doors....I expect it was the latter. lol But surely if they used a crane, the arm should have been visible well over the height of the building.


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