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Monday 25 September 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 25th September

Michelle is full of ingratitude, upset that her-arch-enemy-until-yesterday Leanne brings Chelle's ex-hubby to the pow-wow to plan Operation Will. But she grudgingly accepts Steve's help and proceeds to set the plan in action: she schmoozes Will, gets Daniel to throw water over him, then steals his keys and passes them to Ground Fox One, I mean, Steve. He gets keys cut and after some kerfuffle with the alarm code, the Spies Like Us take photos of Will's stalker pics and find Michelle's scarf and bra. "This should be enough to send him down," claims Leanne. All circumstantial isn't it? But following a call from a neighbour, Will returns to his always-a-bachelor pad and, after spotting Leanne in a wardrobe, Michelle calls his bluff, claiming that it must be Rich who broke in, which causes Will to confess that he is the stalker. He shows his true colours in more way than one as he grabs Michelle by the neck and pushes Leanne down the stairs. Michelle locks herself in the bathroom but Evil Clark Kent breaks in and threatens her some more. Michelle is petrified and hysterical and it's up to Steve to punch Wicked Will and rescue his ex (I think Michelle needs to do a self defence class:- Eyes! Throat! Testicles!). The police arrive, Will's arrested, Steve drives Michelle home and I wonder if this whole storyline is to push him and Michelle back together?

So what was Eva's original plan? She was going to say: "There is no baby and there is no wedding!" and storm out of the posh hotel, leaving the harp player agog and the registrar vow not to do another Weatherfield wedding, and THEN ensure the factory was robbed and trashed? Even if Eva couldn't work out that the police would work it out, then surely bent brief Adam would've thought through the ramifications, not to mention the consequences for her colleagues and chums? Anyway, Aidan is staying chez Kate-Alya-Luke and facing the work-less factory ladies in the pub. He blames it on Eva, who denies everything when she is interrogated by Beth, Izzy, and the rest. Aidan does gets some sympathy from Maria, 'til he pushes it too far and tries to get in a revenge smooch and she kicks him out. Tough luck, Aidan.

You want to know what I think (I haven't read any spoilers); I reckon Eva is pregnant for realsies, following the shenanigans that took place the night before the wedding and I think Aidan is not gonna wanna know when she tells him.

Sarah wants Bethany to go for an open day at Weathy High Sixth Form, but all Bethany can think about is Nathan's trial next week. The school want her to repeat the year, to Bethany's disgust. Fortunately Great Granny Audrey is on hand to offer a beauty apprenticeship in the salon. Bethany's unsure, but is given a confidence boost when she does Craig's nails. She is happy after her first day at work and all seems well - except someone is watching Bethany from afar.

 Liz is meeting her scammer, Lenny, in the pub and Moora and Rana go to spy on her. It turns out that Lenny/Stuart is Moora's husband. "Now that I didn't see coming," says Rana. Rana must not have watched Friday's ep then! Liz counsels her boss to dump the scammer-love rat, a rat which comes back to bite her on the bum as Moira proceeds to move in to the cab flat. Comedy gold! Or so I hope.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the contrived Stalker storyline does not bring Michelle and Steve back together.
She doesn't deserve Steve and I like him with Leanne.
I also hope Michelle treats Leanne with more respect in the future.

Unknown said...

Steve drives Michelle home... where's Leanne? Still at the bottom of the steps? I also hope Steve and Michelle do not get back together.

Anonymous said...

In hospital. Steve says they were keeping her in overnight

abbyk said...

TG we are done with Will. Maybe the slimiest villain ever.

Disappointed that Bethany is forgoing school and university. She is very bright and could have had a future as a pretty much anything she chose. Not a knock on beauticians, but if you coulda been a lawyer or teacher, why?

maggie muggins said...

Glad to see the Will storyline winding down finally. Some truly comic scenes with him and the terrible trio in his house! Shoulder-slamming open new-built locked door, the fake glasses finally put away for good, and big softy Steve throwing a punch! Har! Fine relief from the Aidan & family sourpusses.


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