Monday, 25 September 2017

Gemma gets a new fella

There's a lovely little spoiler in today's Daily Star that says Gemma is going to get herself a new fella. And there's an intriguing twist too.

When Gemma shows off her new fella in the Rovers Return, Liz McDonald thinks she recognises his face. And then it dawns on her. She tells Gemma: “Well, you have certainly landed on your feet there, lady.”

Gemma replies: “I know, he’s gorgeous.”

But she is shell-shocked when Liz explains: “Check out the beer mat. He’s Cecil Newton’s grandson. He’s beer royalty!”

And a Corrie source said: “Gemma is simply knocked for six by the revelation. It means he is not only handsome but he’ll be heir to the Newton and Ridley fortune.”

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Zagg said...

Well doesn't that sound completely unrealistic.

Tvor said...

Oh why not! Go for it, Gems!

Tilly Flop said...

I'm with you Tvor. Everyone deserves the chance of happiness. Give the girl a break. Good luck to her

Newfy Pearl said...

If Corrie were totally accurate to real life, I would not want to watch it. lol Let''s hope this means a little happiness for our Gemma. Istn' she sterling with Reet! She is rough around the edges but you've got to love her.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): As Tvor says, "why not?" Unlikely pairings are great for comedy; and some of the Cinderella stories of soap are not meant to be realistic. Doesn't have to be all pimping, stalking, grooming, cheating, stealing, drug-smoking on the show, after all!

Aussie Pete said...

This could be great! Look at Sally and Tim, many said they were a terrible idea as a couple and they've become one of the best ever! I live the comedy they provide! Go Gemma!!

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