Friday, 9 September 2016

Coronation Street fans recreate iconic Majorcan scene

Coronation Street fan Gav on twitter sent us this fantastic picture!

It's a recreation of this iconic Coronation Street image.... and Gav and his friends have recreated it on holiday!
The scene is from the 1974 episodes of Corrie when the ladies of the Street went to Majorca after Bet won on Spot the Ball.

You can read about the Majorca episodes, which were filmed in the reign of Producer Susi Hush, here.

Here, for your delectation, are some more wonderful pics from that epiode behind-the-scenes:

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Tvor said...

Ha! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Barbara Knox has such a beautiful face - also Anne Kirkbride looks really lovely.

Macro Man said...

Dont the British have a law for creating an indignity to a human body, for which David should be charged for hiding Callums body