Friday, 9 September 2016

Bruno Langley cleared of charges in court today

Bruno Langley was in court today at Manchester and Salford magistrates after pleading not guilty to failing to provide information about an Audi A5 which was caught speeding in Stretford on October 21 last year.

The Manchester Evening News reports that magistrates had convicted him of the offence in his absence in April, with the charge resulting in a mandatory six penalty points.

But his defending lawyer said that Bruno had never received any letters and was unaware of the legal proceedings. He said that Mr Langley had moved house, and that he had faced problems in receiving mail after making efforts to redirect post to his new home in Didsbury .

From the witness box, Bruno said the problem had been exacerbated by the fact that there is another apartment block named Potato Wharf nearby. He added that neighbours had also experienced similar problems.

He said: “I think people were getting confused as to which building was Potato Wharf. I genuinely think stuff has gone missing that way. I think it’s not very clear cut. Every time I book a taxi there’s no doubt they go to the other block of flats. I think people get confused which block it is.”

With the job I do I have moved from so many different addresses. I stayed at my mum’s address for a bit and I wasn’t sure where it was addressed to. Now I’m definitely sure.”

Chairman of the bench Kay Philips said he was satisfied with Mr Langley’s explanation.

Addressing Mr Langley, he said: “We have concluded that we cannot be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that you did receive the notice and for those reasons we find you not guilty.”

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1 comment:

Joseph said...

Good! It was a little ridiculous he was charged in the first place!

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