Tuesday, 1 March 2016

State of the Street - February 2016

We've been all over the map this month as far as storylines go. Here's hoping Simon's football accident is the end of that storyline, and his counsellor will be the one who cleans things up and helps him take steps to get his anger under control because Leanne has other things on her mind. Tracy has finally revealed to Carla that she knows about the one night stand with Robert and seemingly has succeeded in pressuring Carla to push Nick into selling up and moving away.

It will take Tracy exactly five minutes before she alienates all the staff and another five before the restaurant goes under if her attitude and tactics are any proof.  Meanwhile, we all mourn the ruination of a strong female character as Carla slinks around, tail between her legs instead of pushing back and giving Tracy what she deserves. If there's any justice, Carla will go out with a bang - but I fear the worst.

Phelan is worming his way into the fabric of the Street and getting his feet under Eileen's table. Anna keeps losing her rag while the rest of us scream at the telly "Just tell Kevin the whole truth, you idiot!" You know, if he doesn't take it well and wants nothing more to do with her, it reflects worse on him than it does on her and she's better off without him. But I digress. As horrible as Phelan is, I'm loving the storyline because he's so good at what he does! An excellent bad guy played by an excellent actor.

I'm not sure what to think about the "slavery" storyline with the young Polish girl. I do like that Eva's getting her own storyline, mind you, even if it also seems to intersect with the ever-increasingly rude Aidan whom I am disliking more and more. Johnny and Jenny briefly connected and there might be more there. I'm increasingly liking him more and more so, bring it on!

All this and more over on State of the Street. 


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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed that they are leading us down the garden path as far as Carla/Tracy are concerned. I'm hoping, really hoping, that they write in a real twist to this storyline and bring Carla back to the feisty independent woman she has always been. And we see Tracy go down in flames. Please, Please. The Marta storyline is okay, at least it gives Eva and Billy some airtime which is great. I just hope they don't drag it out too long.
I'm sure Phelan will get his comeuppance one of these days although I will be sad to see him go as he is a great actor. So onwards & upwards.

Anonymous said...

I also hate that Carla is not fighting back; her character doesn't cave to ultimatums or blackmail (usually!) so please don't ruin her exit by making her weak.
Lynne from Ottawa

Anonymous said...

I hope this is a 'Lewis' exit as far as Carla giving in to Tracy's demands and she(Carla) has the last laugh...leaving Tracy fuming once again.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thought!!! When anon 21:44 wrote "lewis exit" I have to admit that was a classic. I still chuckle about that one - it was priceless. Oh how we would love to see that happen and have Carla take her down without any screaming - just sheer AHA gotcha.

Zagg said...

I am torn about the Carla story line. yes, the real Carla would not let Tracy get the upper hand of her. But Carla is also selfish, so scuppering Nick's business to get what she wants is not so out of character either.
I do hate that they are making Tracy the winner in this even for now. I am banking on them lowering the boom on her in the end though. They will, won't they?

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