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Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 2 March

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

It would be preposterous to start this review without paying tribute to Tony Warren - one of my heroes and the father of Coronation Street, who sadly passed away on Monday. Tony Warren was one of the greatest writers of our time and his wonderful creations and characters undoubtedly inspired other continuing dramas. It is hard to imagine a world without Coronation Street and Tony will live on through our beloved cobbles.

Now then - what happened last night? The main storyline running throughout last night was the O'Driscoll drama. This is a storyline I have been looking forward to and am thus far enjoying.  In last night's episode, Eva and Aidan are set to visit the O'Driscoll mansion for a dinner meeting. This meeting is important to both of them, but for completely different reasons. Eva looks awash with worry- even unable to fake enthusiasm when Johnny gives her a wad of cash to get herself a suitable outfit. Earlier in the week, Marta the runaway slave confided in Eva that she was imprisoned by the O'Driscolls and that they confiscated her passport. In a desperate attempt to help Marta, Eva plans to search the O'Driscoll mansion during the dinner for the passport and get her home. The dinner seems to be going well and Eva seems to know what she is doing, having cleverly asked Julia for a tour earlier.
"We've been let down by staff"
"We could've just ordered pizza- we're not fussed"
"Pizza?! We are not animals"
"Would it be dead cheeky to ask for a tour of the house?"
"God, no! Anything to get out of peeling these vegetables"

She asks to use the bathroom after dinner, but instead goes straight into Julia's office and begins to search the filing cabinets. Aidan soon realises she is taking a while and goes to find her, unfortunately followed by the O'Driscolls, who catch her clutching a passport. Eva bravely confronts them, telling them she knows all about their wicked ways and that Marta will be safe now. The O'Driscolls deny everything and Eva looks quite the fool when it turns out the passport she found is in fact Julia's. Julia claims that Marta was a cleaner at the house and she was sacked after stealing some jewellery and the pair are promptly thrown out of the house, coats in arms. I could be entirely wrong, but I believe the O'Driscolls are lying. They are certainly the poshest people I've ever seen on the show. They make Annie Walker look like Hilda Ogden. But beneath that, they come across as the typical antagonists. I will be very surprised if it turns out that Marta is lying. I enjoyed the scenes in last night's episode. Catherine Tyldesley always gives a fabulous performance and my heart was in my mouth when she was digging around the office. Still, I think it was an unrealistic thing for her to do.

"What have you done?"

A much lighter storyline last night involved Liz and Mary playing cupid. A hungover Mary dons a pair of dark glasses and pops over to the corner shop to see Erica and profess yet again that Devendra is in love with her. Erica brushes it off, but we can all see that she is in love with Dev too. However, things look unpromising when Dev turns up at the shop with a woman called Karen (pronounced Ka-reen) who he is intending to take on a date later. She owns a chain of garden centres and is as false as the hair on Liz McDonald's head. In a comically awkward scene in the shop, she somewhat insults both Erica behind the till and the Landlady of the Rovers and Liz can see that this is not the woman for Dev. She and Mary hatch a plan to get rid of awkwardly-named woman in a way not too dissimilar to how Anna rid Kevin of his dud date a while back. She plonks herself right down next to Kar-een and tells her how, as the nanny, she has learned to turn a blind eye to Dev's promiscuous ways. She insinuates that Dev is very much a ladies' man. She's not wrong either!

"Mother used to say one drink I'd be under the table and two drinks I'd be under the barman! Chance would be a fine thing"

"Between you, me and the gatepost I have seen some sights"
"Bit of a ladies' man is he?"
"Oh! I should cocoa. He doesn't have a bedroom door. He has a turnstile"

Kar-een is having none of this and promptly leaves. Mary gives the signal for Liz to send Erica out. She has been given a Liz-style makeover and I half-expected her to start belting out 'You're the One That I Want'. Instead, she simply grabs Dev and kisses him while the two matchmakers smile at their work. 
"My two amigos decided it was time to stop pussy-footing around"
"So where do we go from here?"
"Que-sera, sera"
"What does that mean?"

Elsewhere, Bethany has actually turned up to school for once and Gail is encouraging  her to take more of an interest in her mother, who has all of a sudden become very pregnant. As well as all this, The Wicked Witch of Weatherfield has wasted no time in trying to call the shots in what is not her business. She sacked Leanne for no reason (in real life, this is called unfair dismissal) and wanted to change menu prices at the Bistro. However, when Robert gets wind of this, he candidly reminds her that although she helped pay for the Bistro, it is by no means hers and the smug grin slowly melts off her face. Oh, and Steph gives us a weather report and complains about what Andy did in bed last night. 

"Don't you start, Andy! I've not forgiven you for what you did in bed last night"
"What did you do in bed last night?"
"He opened the bedroom window! In this weather!"

A fantastic episode last night- full of humour and drama. I love the unlikely friendship Mary has with Liz and Erica and I am very excited to see how the O'Driscoll drama pans out.

Thanks for reading.

And thank you, Tony.


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Anonymous said...

it was a great episode - so much so that I watched it again this morning - the best, best part was Robert smacking down Tracy - PRICELESS - it could have only been sweeter if Carla had been there to witness it also. So finally Robert does have a head on his shoulders - yeah - maybe he can finally get on with running a business without the wicked witch of the west. I'm still not to sure about Erica and Dev, from day one Erica was the one saying no, no, no and all of a sudden she turns around and plants a big one on him smack dab in the middle of the pub - where did that come from?? It was good to see the back of Ka-reen - what a pain.

Hannah said...

Fabulous write up yet again Jordan on a fabulous episode! I look forward to reading your weekly reviews a lot! Much love xo

Lily Bigfield said...

It was a brill episode, with so many great lines that had me chuckling. Love Eva, and I have warmed to Erica. This is what Corrie is all about. Thank you Tony Warren, when I see episodes like this I can see your creation is in safe hands. Nice review Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Who wrote Wednesday's episode? RIP Tony Warren what a legacy you leave.

Anonymous said...

The sale of the bistro went rather fast even for Corrie standards.
Hopefully Robert is now realising that Tracy is a liability not an asset.

Anonymous said...

Damon Rochefort (of course) wrote the eрisode, excellent! :)

Louby said...

Great review. I found the Dev/Erica scene quite cringy - my friends said I should make a move on you.... Are they teenagers?! (no offence to those under 20 sorry!) I have liked Erica quite a lot lately and I hope the romance won't change her bolshy character.

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