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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 11 November

Wednesday 11th November
TONY GOES ALL OUT TO PROVE HIMSELF TO LIZ When Tracy clocks a look between Tony and Liz she’s immediately suspicious. Liz tells Tony that if they’re to have any future, he has to cut all ties with Tracy. Tony breaks the news to Tracy he wants out of the business and he’ll sell his share for £6k. Convinced there’s something going on between Tony and Liz, Tracy confronts Liz reckoning she’s back with Tony and ordered him to pull the plug on Barlow’s Buys, but Liz denies all knowledge. Tracy assures Tony she wants his share of the business and she’ll find the money. Meanwhile Tony reveals his plan to Liz to clear out the Barlow’s Buys joint account!
SIMON RETURNS MORE SULLEN THAN EVER Leanne and Eva prepare a special tea to welcome Simon home from his holiday with Peter. Over tea with Ken and Eva he paints on a smile but as soon as they leave, he drops the façade and slams into his room. Leanne fights back tears of despair.
DAVID CUTS KYLIE SOME SLACK David books a fake appointment for Kylie with her drugs counsellor. Audrey reluctantly gives her the afternoon off. Kylie’s annoyed but David points out she’s free to enjoy herself and it makes their story look more convincing. Following some time on her own will Kylie feel ready to put Callum’s death behind them and pull together as a family?
ELSEWHERE When Erica arrives in the pub with her suitcase and explains she’s fallen out with her family and has nowhere to live, Dev comes to her rescue and offers her the flat above the shop.

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Anonymous said...

"will Kylie feel ready to put Callum’s death behind them" - no matter how vile of a character, Callum was killed, he didn't just die. The idea of Kylie having a girly afternoon and just "moving on" is repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! How has Leanne got round the fact that Simon hasn't been going to school all this time? Parents can get in deep doodoo for their kids taking holidays during term time.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Re: Simon and his school, I'm sure the writers haven't bothered to look into this but here's what might have happened in real life. Child moves to another parent in another town, school takes child off roll. Child should be enrolled in a new school as they are now 'a child without a school place' rather than 'a truant'. Child moves back to first parent, the original school will generally take them back if they have a place and there are no other considerations eg previous exclusions. (Retired education official)

Tvor said...

I hope they wrap up the Simon storyline quickly. It was interesting at first but it's getting old now. It probably would have been better not to give it a long break.

Joseph Billington said...

As a school student, Leanne would be fined £60 p/w for taking unauthorised holiday.

Anonymous said...

sally and johnny weren't in the eрisode - strange choice of рicture

Flaming Nora said...

Anonymous, I agree about the picture but it's one that ITV gave me with the episode date on it.

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