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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Corrie weekly update - the one with the green bra

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They seek him here, they seek him there.  Anna Windass seeks him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? No, Gary’s gone to Germany to be with his dad after falling out with Alya last week.  Anna gives Alya hell at work in the Underworld office for breaking her son’s heart and Alya’s bottom lip quivers so much it gets nominated for best supporting artist.

Cathy’s sister Nessa gets her feet under the table at No. 1 when she woos Ken and calls him Kenny. Audrey’s after Ken herself and tells Rita that she fancies the fella. Rita tells her to go for it. This week Rita received a letter from Dennis’ solicitor asking for a divorce.  Life’s too short, Rita tells Audrey, and she must grab happiness where she finds it. But when Audrey calls round to tell Ken how she feels about him, Nessa’s there already, with a bottle of Merlot too. And as we all know by now, red wine on Corrie means love, or lust, will surely follow. Audrey takes herself back to the pub and tells Rita she’s made a fool of herself falling for Ken when he’s clearly got no interest in her.  So far, so realistic. But then Audrey has a little cry in the ladies loo in the Rovers, which kind of ruined this story for me. Audrey crying over a fella? Over Ken? Nope, it didn’t ring true for this Corrie fan.

Over at Audrey’s salon, she’s short-staffed with Maria away so takes on Nessa to help with the trims and the perms. Nessa’s experienced in the ways of the demi-wave and tells Audrey she once did Sheena Easton’s hair for a Smash Hits double spread.

Speaking of the ladies loo in the Rovers, Steve tries to sort out the tiling with help from Dab Andy on Youtube. It doesn’t work and the tiles all drop off.  Tony helps out and sticks the tiles back on. Liz rewards him for his work with a cup of tea, then a pint at the bar and then says yes to a date as the two of them go out to see a Rod Stewart tribute act.  Tony leans in for a kiss at the end of the night but Liz gives him short shrift, for now anyway.

Callum’s mum Marion turns up again, returning a box of Max’s toys she found at Callum’s place. Gail’s back from Milan with Bethany and is overjoyed with her new bedroom in the annexe. Kylie goes for a drink with Eva, who knows summat’s bothering her friend, but Kylie keeps quiet for now about the man in the manhole.

One of my favourite storylines this week has been Mary’s date with Brendan. He takes her ghost hunting at Butterthorn Hall and comes to collect her from Dev’s shop.  Dev’s perturbed to overhear Brendan tell Mary she can’t bring her phone with her as it’ll upset the spirits at the hall. Dev assumes Brendan’s up to no good with Mary and follows them to Butterthorn Hall, making an entrance just as Mary and Brendan think they’re making contact with a force from beyond.  And in a way, they were. It was quite a touching scene, showing that Dev really does care for Mary.  My own feelings towards Mary are on a roller-coaster. She’s given some wonderful witty lines in the show but it’s the dark, evil underside to her that I am, I have to admit, slightly scared of.

It’s Sophie Webster’s 21st birthday this week and Kev gives her a 21% share in Websters’ Autos.  Sophie hands her notice in at the corner shop to Dev, which leaves him without an assistant to sell his goods and wares. Fortunately for Dev, Erica’s looking for a storyline and he gives her the job.

And finally this week, a lovely piece of dialogue from writer Jonathan Harvey. Apropos of nothing (as is always the way), the scene started at the end of a conversation between Michelle and Liz at the bar of the pub. “Too tarty?” asks Michelle to which Liz replied. “Never! Green bras go with everything!”

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Ancient Corrier said...

A couple of missed opportunities this week- Erica should definitely be behind the bar with Liz and Nessa would be perfect for the corner shop.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree that Nessa would be perfect for the corner shop. In a previous blog, Graeme was recalling the joys of Jill Summers as Phyllis. It made me think that Nessa could provide the same humour. Always on the look-out for an amorous opportunity and the shop could provide endless opportunities. As for Erica, of course, she should be in the pub, or the bistro. She could still live above the shop and have a romance with Dev.

Anonymous said...

Was it a green bra they were talking about? It sounded more like cream to me which would make more sense as cream is more likely to go with things than green

Tvor said...

But cream bras are not very tarty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Humpty Dumpty - Erica in the corner shop just doesn't fit - Pub, yes Bistro, yes - if they have to find a place to plug her in then keep her in the Pub with Liz - let Nessa work in the corner shop and get into everybody's business.

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