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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Coronation Street Thursday 3rd September episode review

Welcome to the Thursday review, Corristas!

Whilst last Thursday's trip to the cobbles was an episode in its own right, this week's felt very much like the second part of Wednesday's instalment. We start where we left off, with Fiz and Tyrone in the hospital facing the results of Hope's scan and her possible cancer diagnosis. Fiz mistakes Tyrone holding it together for indifference, accusing him of being too calm about his stepdaughter's illness and claiming that he would be far more upset if it were Ruby who had a tumour. Later, Fiz apologises and although distressed, she agrees that at least they have each other as they face an uncertain future. Roy, babysitting Simba/Hope, discovers why she has been in hospital and he is visibly distraught by the news, coming so soon after Hayley's death. Cathy, who is about to go back to her home, pretends that she's not ready and we see that Roy's support of her will be repaid as she plans to stay around to help him through his godchild's illness.

The secondary and tertiary storylines also pay off the set-ups from Wednesday. Carla proves that she's a true addict by stealing Nick's credit card, the one we saw her eyeing yesterday, so that she can drink and gamble the afternoon away. Has Nick bitten off more than he can chew by starting a relationship with Our Lady of the Merlot? Carla appears to be pushing everyone away so that she will remain, like the background song, alone.

The much-needed comic relief is provided by Kevin's party that Sally and Tim were arranging in the previous episode. From Rita claiming that her "instrument is both a blessing a curse" to Sally asking everyone to "sit soft" and worrying if she's got enough "picky bits" after the unfortunate demise of her pigs-in-blankets, Jonathan Harvey proves, once again, that the devil is in the dialogue, something he so excels at. Tim and Kev's bromance falters a little after Kevin accidentally reveals that he doesn't like Tim's present of a (popular with the landed gentry) chunky gold bracelet, but at least it makes him realise that Sally is his partner, and not Kevin, and they agree to set a wedding date. She, meanwhile, is worried that she's being daft spending so much time organising a party for a man whom she left five years ago (but kissed four weeks ago). She seems to have invited several people who aren't close friends with Kevin: Sean, Billy, and Andrea, but then again, the latter has never been shy of inserting herself into situations (or record shops) where she doesn't belong. The purpose of her attendance at the do, apart from eating Sally's prawn vol-au-vents, seems to be to find out that Lloyd and Liz have slept together again, which has put paid to any thoughts of reconciliation (for now).

Meanwhile, Simon mistakes Robert's sympathy towards Leanne for romantic interest and makes a Tracy-type comment that all of his mum's men end up dead or on the other side of the world. Unsurprisingly, Leanne does not take kindly to such bratty behaviour and rescinds her previous offer of a new phone.

Finally, I would love Gail to be the kind of woman whom people beg to sing at parties. Get that woman on Soapstar Superstar!

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Joseph Billington said...

Superb acting from David Neilson and Jennie McAlpine tonight!

Anonymous said...

Er, Simba/Hope?

maggie muggins said...

Simba, as in Hope's painted face.

Glad that Roy was in the right place as Fiz was starting to fall apart. Very bittersweet. As much as I'm not looking forward to the pain & suffering, I think this story is going to be done well.

Loved Cathy quickly sliding her suitcase behind her chair as she realized Roy will be needing a friend.

Oh, Sally "Bucket, that's Bouquet"! Wonderfully silly b-day for Kevin.

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