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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Alison King on drinking Carla Connor's red, red wine

There's a lovely little interview with Alison King, who plays Carla Connor in Coronation Street.

The interview's in The Express and Alison talks about drinking all the "red wine" on Corrie as Carla.  
It's not real wine of course that she has to drink when she's acting. 

“It’s horrible red grape juice,” Alison reveals, wincing at the very thought. “It’s really sweet and sickly. And yes, I sometimes have to drink an awful lot of it.

“I’ve been playing drunk for the past two days. And we’ve been recording out of sequence, so continuity-wise it’s really hard.

“I have to remember how much Carla has had to drink, whether she’s had a nap, whether she’s topped up the booze from the night before. I hate watching it.”

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maggie muggins said...

S'funny, I was just thinking about all that 'drinking' that Alison has had to do recently. Figured it was grape juice and wondered how she coped with it cause it is really very thick and sweet. Maybe cutting it with cranberry juice would help? Oh wait, that sounds horrible. How about just plain cranberry? Sort of a light red wine colour.

John McE said...

Please let Carla become tee-total (and a non-gambler!) after the current storyline plays out. It is such a pity to see a strong woman like Carla being reduced to a wreck like this.

Tracy in Canada said...

I agree John McE. I'm in Canada and we are 2 weeks behind. I'm disappointed to learn I have another 2 weeks (at least) to watch her sink further...

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