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Friday, 4 July 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - bouncing our way to happiness

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It’s Leanne’s birthday this week  but she’s got nowt to smile about as things turn nasty at Nick’s Bistro and she feels forced to hand in her notice.  She then gets to meet Kal’s family – his dad and his daughter she’s already met, but now it’s the turn of Kal’s mum to give Kal’s new girl a grilling.  Before she meets Leanne, Kal’s mum wants to know if Leanne is brunette or blonde, and if she’s blonde, if it’s natural or not.  Weird.  Anyway, moving on. Kal’s family seem to like Lenne and just when she’s showing them out of her flat and saying goodbye, Nick stumbles past and tells them about Leanne’s past, you know, the lap dancing, the prostitution. He forgot to mention burning a restaurant down for the insurance, but perhaps he didn’t know.

Gail turns off her exercise DVD ‘”Bounce Your Way to Happiness” this week long enough to go to see Michael Rodwell at home. She tells him she’ll help him get another job after Kylie and David get him sacked from his job at the garden centre. But when Nick and David find out what Gail’s been up to, where she’s been and who she’s been with, they pay Michael a visit to warn him off their mum.  Michael doesn’t turn up for his new job at Streetcars and so Gail goes back to find out why.  Michael tells her about Nick and Gail playing the heavy with him, and she tells him she’ll sort out her two bully sons if he’ll get himself back to Streetcars, apologise and start work.  Michael makes Gail a cup of tea and she simpers in that way that she does.

Kylie starts having trouble with little Max and she and David are called into school to have a word with the head. Sitting outside the head’s office on children’s chairs, Kylie and David start punching each other just as the head comes out of her office to call them in to see her.  It turns out that Max is causing bother in class and he’s started behaving right naughty at home too.

Maria returns this week but Fiz is still fewmin’ at her old mate and refuses her apology when Maria tries to give it in the pub.  Marcus is happy that Maria will let him see little Liam again, but this gets Todd jealous, again.

And finally this week, Andrea’s husband Neil tells Andrea he’s not going back to that place he’s been working. Nigeria, I think, but I could be wrong. Anyway, he’s not going back.  “We’ll skype more!” cries a desperate Andrea when Neil tells her he feels they’re growing apart and he wants to stay at home.  Neil kneels and begs Andrea who abandons him and runs all the way to the cobbles to give Lloyd a goodbye hug as he jets off on his jollies with Jenna.

And that was just about that for this week.

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Llifon said...

I have to say I was upset by how vile Nick was. Doesn't he remember that he had a one night stand that cost him brain damage. Leanne stuck by him despite this. He has to move on.

abbyk said...

Llifon, it's a case of 'Highly Selective Brain Damage'. He can drive a car, run a business, be a good dad to Simon, and do strenuous exercise, but remembering the night with Kylie, how he conspired to keep secrets from David and Leanne, or that Leanne ran his business while he was in hospital for months, those are the specific areas of his mind that were destroyed. That and common sense, you know, that thing that tells you to not pick a fight in the middle of your own restaurant. Used to like him and root for him and Leanne, but now I just want to see him destroyed.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I would like to see The Bistro go bankrupt and another restaurant start up - perhaps with Steve McDonald as an investor but whatever I am sick and tired of Nick and his ill temper. If Kal have had anything about him he would have lamped him yesterday the way he spoke to Leanne in front of his family but he just stood there like a prune.

And please wrap up this story with Andrea - I dont give a jot about her and her hard working husband, she is just pointless and irritating.

Tvor said...

I'm surprised the Bistro has any customers left since everyone always has loud arguments and fights in there, not just the staff but the customers too


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