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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - caught in a vicious text circle

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Leanne’s past is dragged up and spit out to Kal’s family as they find out about her prostitution, lap dancing, stripping, cocaine use and arson.  “That’s your CV, is it not?” asks Kal’s mum.  Well, Leanne is Les Battersby’s daughter, is she not? Let’s never forget that Leanne will never be any better than she oughta.

Over at the factory, Carla tells Peter she wants him out of her life and out of her business.  He’s moping around feeling sorry for himself in between bouts of drinking.  Then Rob spots Tracy wearing the bracelet that Eccles found in the backyard at the Barlows. He comes out in a cold sweat, more so when Steph in the Bistro challenges Tracy as to why she’s wearing her stolen bracelet.  Next thing you know, the cops are crawling all over the cobbles in the Case of the Missing Charm Bracelet. They deduce that whoever stole the bracelet must be the same person who killed Tina McIntyre. Fortunately for Rob, Deirdre cleaned the bracelet and his fingerprints aren’t on it.  Unfortunately for Peter, his are.

Over at the Bistro, Nick tells Leanne he wants her out of his life and out of his business. He changes the name of the Bistro to “Just Nick’s” although Leanne probably feels it should read “Unjust Nick’s” instead.

Izzy and Gary split up this week which left me in despair, wearing a black armband. I love these two together, I really do.  Gary’s had his head turned by Alya who has been in every scene, in every storyline, since she appeared on the cobbles last week. I hope they’re not going to force this one on us like they did with St Ella.
Marcus and Todd also split up this week after Marcus finally sees how nasty Todd is.  Todd hooks up with another bloke and Marcus loses his cool when he spots them snogging on the Street.  Marcus finally shows some gumption (I love that word) and grabs Todd by the collar, pushes him up against the wall and threatens to smash his face in. Oh, if only he had.  Todd’s had enough and tells everyone he’s leaving.

Gail gets Michael Marlon (“It’s after Brando”) Rodwell his job back at Streetcars although he doesn’t start too well. “Good morning, Streetcabs!” he chirps on the switch.  Eileen fills him in on biscuit etiquette in the cab office while Gail fills him in on her history with Eileen, and men. “I think it’s fair to say I’ve had a complicated history with men,” she tells Michael.  Yes, Gail, it’s fair to say. The two of them get friendly while David and Kylie are away in Barbados with little Max.  Michael gives Gail a plant with his thanks for getting him a job, it’s a dianthus dainty dame in a pot. Gail takes it up to bed with her. I think her complicated history with men is about to start again.

And that was just about that for this week.

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John McE said...

It's not that Alya (is that her name?) is in every scene, it's that every scene she has been in is exactly the same, namely her just happening to stroll past as Gary is doing something in the Street. It's been irritating me for weeks now, but the nadir has to be Gary playing with Jake in a front garden that is about a foot wide, when there is a far more suitable back garden.

And as for Leanne listing every past demeanour just as the mother walks by! Do the writers actually get paid for this dross? A chimp could write more believable stuff.

If only there was still a decent corner shop, at least some of these "accidental meetings" could have taken place there, but it's only use these days is to plug Nationwide.

IMHO, we need a return to an old-fashioned corner shop, with a gossipy older woman running it.

Did anyone else think how sad it was that no-one in the street would give Deirdre a bed for the night? I presume Dev is currently on his sabbatical, otherwise he could have offered her one!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Ayla just walking past every single time Gary and Izzy have a conversation in the Street or in their garden is now beyond ludicrous writers! It becoming a joke in the Frosty household - there is Gary and Izzy who is the first to spot Ayla!!!

And how nasty and bitter was Eileen - ridiculing Gail in a bizarre Scottish accent in the Rovers was nasty and rather embarrasing frankly.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Re: the fingerprints on the bracelet, I hope this doesn't become the crucial piece of evidence because it's flimsy. Rob touched the bracelet at least once after seeing it on Tracy's wrist. At the bistro, he touches the bracelet when she shows it to him. I don't think they can date fingerprints so the police have a bunch of undated fingerprints. The only thing is Peter possibly can't remember seeing or touching it. Also, at the risk of being repetitive, Deirdre destroyed all the evidence when she cleaned the bracelet. Who touched it after it came into the house is irrelevant because Tina's flat had already been burgled and she had been killed. Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I agree about Eileen,she has an affair with a married man whose wife had Alzheimers and she judges Gal?I also hope the writers aren't going to ruin Ayla by having her in every scens and storyline as they did with Tina.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Alya suddenly appearing every time Izzy & Gary were on screen. She's irritating me no end, just keep your neb out!

Also agree re Eileen. Horrible woman, just plain nasty. She's a female version of Norris and I hate him too.

chartreuse said...

I agree the fingerprint evidence is very shaky. Any lawyer worth his salt will ask Deirdre about finding the bracelet. "Let me get this straight, Mrs Barlow, you picked up the bracelet, brought it inside and washed it with a scrub sponge, hot water and washing up liquid" When she confirms this it should be clear that she wiped it clean of prints - fingerprints are made of sweat, dust and the skin´s natural oils.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in what happened to Todd in "that London" to make him the creep he is today.

Anonymous said...

Frosty and Anonymous I agree with you about Eileen it came across as nasty and vindictive and I would be glad to see the back of Eileen

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Peter walked around for days with scratch marks down his face. And his DNA would have been under Tina's fingernails. Yet they can't arrest him until they find a faint fingerprint on a contaminated exhibit? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Love Eileen!


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