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Friday, 25 July 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 25 July

THE WINDASSES FACES UTTER RUIN. As Owen faces bankruptcy Tim and Sally offer to have
Faye stay with them until Anna and Owen are out of the financial mire but Anna’s offended
and tells them where they can stick their charity. However later a desperate Anna buries her
pride and calls in the local food bank.
LEANNE PLAYS NICK AT HIS OWN GAME. Yasmeen quizzes Leanne about her divorce and warns Kal that if he ever intends to marry Leanne he’d best draw up a pre-nup. Kal’s mortified whilst Leanne’s offended. Yasmeen then approaches Nick and tries to persuade him to take Leanne back. How will Nick react? Will Yasmeen succeed in splitting Leanne and Kal?
ANDREA CAN’T GET THROUGH TO NEIL. Neil follows Andrea into the Kabin and begs her to come home. But Andrea tells him that even though Lloyd might not want her, their marriage is over. Andrea then calls in the cab office and locking the door, perches on Lloyd’s desk and insists they talk things through. Will Lloyd agree?
ELSEWHERE As Rita and Dennis grow closer Norris is quietly fuming and moans to Mary how Dennis is playing Rita like a fiddle only she can’t see it.

ANNA REACHES OUT TO OWEN AT HIS LOWEST EBB. Anna, Gary and Katy rally round Owen,
assuring him it’s not his fault he’s been declared bankrupt and they’re all in it together. Anna
promises him they can put all their mistakes behind them and move on. Full of emotion will
the couple be reunited?
NICK AND LEANNE TRADE PUNCHES. Leanne apologises to Kal for blurting out that she loves him. But was it what Kal wanted to hear? Meanwhile Nick’s incensed having been told by his solicitor that mediation is the way forward as Leanne is entitled to a substantial pay-out. Can the warring pair sort out their finances amicably?
NORRIS PLAYS RIGHT INTO DENNIS’ HANDS. Norris confronts Dennis and accuses him of stealing £20 from the till. It’s clear Rita too thinks he’s to blame so how will she react when Mary finds the missing £20 note on the floor?
ELSEWHERE Andrea begs Lloyd to forgive her and promises him that her marriage is over but can a hurt Lloyd move on or is it time for Andrea to move out?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh goody another shoutfest with Nick who should have been sectioned months ago and sourchops Leanne.

Doesnt anyone have any sympathy for the Windasses? No, thought so Debt is a real life problem and if we had seen this family really struggling like some do, but the writers have to have them out clubbing or in the Rovers boozing it up every five minutes. Hope they all get sent to Debtors prison and perhaps we can have a rest from their permanent angst.

And more from Andrea and her creepy husband. Take a hint love and do one. You aint wanted in the Street. No doubt she will be hanging around and get a job at the factory.

Anonymous said...

Oh Andrea, please just go away!

If the Windasses had any brains at all, they would take Tim and Sally up on their offer to have Faye. Their pride is more important that giving her the best opportunities?

vintgal003 said...

Gosh...can things get any worse for the poor Windass family...yikes! Hopefully Anna & Owen will finally reconcile and find a way out of their financial woes.... Ummm...wonder IF Nick & Leanne will ever get back together...Nick sure has had a hard time of it since the car crash... I have enjoyed Andrea's arrival on the street...hope she and Lloyd stay together.... Thanks always for the updates! Cheers :)

rosepatch said...

But Faye has a secret - which will only add to the Windarms woes! Sally might be pleased then that Anna didn't take her up on her offer. Really liked the 8.30 show on Friday. Nice to see Anna and Owen helping each other, although I think Owen is struggling to keep a lid on his anger and will blow a gasket eventually. Bored bored bored with Leanne and Nick! Its a wonder Simon is as normal as he is with the life he's had.


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