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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for July 7 - 11

Best Reaction Ever: Loved Eileen's expression when she found out how Gail and Michael met!

Mama Bear award: Yasmeen does not approve of Leanne. You can hardly blame her, looking at it from her point of view.

Instant success award: How can Carla afford to pay Peter for his half of the factory when they were shut down for no work just last week or so?

Musical ambiance: "More than this" playing for Luke and Carla.
"I would die for you" playing when Steph, Luke and Katy were talking about Tina and Peter.

Gentleman Award: Luke. And he's gone way up in my rating!

Hypocrite award: Tracy slagging Carla off about "picking up teenagers". Ryan Connor, anyone?

Foot in mouth award: Alya thought Izzy and Gary's split was due to Izzy finding out about Gary's night with her. It wasn't. But she knows now.

Fashionista award: Loved Julie's red polka dot dress.

Pants on Fire award aka Pathological Liar: Todd pretended his "friend" slept on the sofa and he was only comforting him because his dad had died. Why didn't Sean point out that Todd's idea of comfort was having someone's tongue down your throat on the way out the door in the morning? (and for many other reasons this week).

More Fool You award: Marcus thought wrecking things with Maria was worth it for Todd's affections. He was played the whole time.

Keep Cool award: Rob was bricking it when the police got involved but Peter has more reason to be worried. Rob just needs to keep his cool.

Drinking game award: Alya is turning up everywhere Gary is, even in the background of shots. It's getting to be a joke.

Lines of the week:
Gail about Nick "How did he seem? in himself?" Leanne "Take your pick. Determined. Idiotic. With the sort of face you want to punch"
Gail "One day he's losing the plot, next he's shutting the Bistro"
Beth "Role play wears off after awhile. But then, when you're soul mates, who cares?" (awwww)
Maria "Everyone still hates me because of what i did to Tyrone and Fiz" Carla "Half my workforce probably think I'm a murderer. But stuff happens. You deal with it"
Izzy "We all think we need someone. And maybe we don't"
Gail "OH this is cosy. The Brothers Grimm settling down to hatch their next plan to scare people"
Carla to Tracy "I don't get what he (Rob) gets out of being with an old embittered jailbird like you!"
David "Mum, are you genuinely stupid or is it just an act?"
Gail about Michael's evidence "Why didn't you show me this before?" (Because it's not something you carry around with you, is it?)
Norris to Carla "So you think that a cursory knowledge of triathalons will win you a new order?" (Can't hurt)
Carla to nosy Norris "I know something that's pretty crucial to the murder investigation" Norris "What's that!!!???" Carla "I didn't do it!" (That's told him!)
Marcus to Maria "I wouldn't have wrecked what we had if it wasn't worth it" (Idiot)
Norris "You can't lip read can you?" Luke "You really got nothing better to do than poke your nose into someone else's business?" (You're new here, right?)
Todd "Looks like I've been saved by my own mother" (Are you new here? She'll crucify you once she gets you inside!)
Todd "Whenever I get what I want I don't want it anymore"
Eileen about Todd "When he's bored, he's dangerous"

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Anonymous said...

Loved Tracys retort to Rob about "being nice"--"It'll never catch on"

Frosty the Snowman said...

Macduff award: Eileen talking in that very bizarre Scots accent while she ridiculed Gail in front of Michael. Eileen has been turned into a very bitter and unpleasant woman and Frosty would be happy to see the back of this character now.

Spot the girl award: Come on writers – Alya walking past every single time Gary and Izzy stop to talk is now becoming beyond ludicrous

Oops award: Another soap regular occurrence is someone blurting out a previously kept secret – with the usual mantra of “I thought you knew!!! Dah

Magic client award: Another wealthy client picked out of nowhere to place big orders and save the day with this backstreet stuck in a timewarp tin pot company. It’s all becoming a bit old now and the faktray needs to close and reopen as something else more in keeping with the times we live in today, not 30 year ago.

Who cares award: Marcus and Toad’s break up. Marcus could have just changed jobs but of course we have to have the mandatory punch up and screaming fit in the Street when Todd of course has nowhere in the whole of Manchester to go with his new boyfriend but the Bistro (or Just Nicks whatever it is called now). Totally out of character for sensible easy going Marcus to have attacked him.

duty of care award: Can the police really just turn out people from their home for days to conduct a “search” and not make any provision for them? Deidre isn’t young any longer. Surely they have a duty of care to the public. Thought her old mate Liz could have squeezed her in, even if she took the sofa. I felt sorry for her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The pop-ups started to get really bad with Stella walking past the action at just the right moment; then Tim appearing and Faye saying: 'Hi, Dad' all the time; Kal doing a Stella. Once you start noticing these things, it gets ridiculous. Now it's Alya.

The writers missed a trick with Deirdre's temporary homelessness. Liz should have said that she would take Deirdre but hesitate over Peter. That would have allowed Deirdre to show her loyalty by going in the b and b with Peter, and it would be confirmation that everyone thought he was guilty.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite award: Tracy slagging Carla off about "picking up teenagers". Ryan Connor, anyone?
OR, how about David Platt and Tracy Barlow.. even worse.

Anonymous said...

Since he too was once homeless, I'm disappointed that Dennis wasn't more sympathetic to Deirdre's plight and ask Rita to take her in.Or are they like everyone else who has the guilty until proven innocent attitude with Peter?

Cobblestone said...

Really impressed by the moral integrity shown by Luke in the last few episodes. Could shape up into a really decent character - as his sister is doing.

Canuktuk said...

Carla shouldn't be trying to buy Peter's half of the faktry but liquidating the entire thing and starting a whole new enterprise! That place has seen her through nothing but misery and you can't tell me she couldn't teach herself another industry or line of sales.

Tragic end to Marcus. One of the few characters with something going for himself and yet still drags himself down into the gutter before slithering out of town.

Anna said...

Totally agree about Luke - the scene with Carla was a masterstroke of character development. Someone who could have been another slightly cheesy jack the lad was shown to have real integrity and kindness. He and the funny, sweet Steph have been excellent additions to the street - I hope they stay around for a while.

abbyk said...

Best Character in Search of a Plot: Luke. Agree with all said about him above, then ice the cake by giving his stock car ticket to Kirk (do they even know each other?) So, when the next TV award season starts comes around, can I nominate the best newcomer award to this wonderful brother and sister double act?

maggie muggins said...

That was a great scene with Luke & Carla, and played well by the actor too. He even seems to a good influence on Steph, who I like much more now.

As for the faktry - there seems to be a real life knicker factory, in Manchester!

tryfanofduncton said...

Fully agree about Luke & Steph, the only two recent newcomers I really like, though Michael seems ok! Looking forward to Luke/Maria & hoping her & Steph make friends now Tina's gone, Katy's going & Fiz isn't looking like forgiving Maria any time soon!!


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