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Monday, 21 July 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 21 July

Coronation Street, MONDAY 21ST JULY 2014 at 7.30pm
ANDREA’S HUSBAND SETS HIS SIGHTS ON STEVE. Neil begs Andrea to give him another chance but her mind is made up, telling Neil she doesn’t love him any more, she leaves. Andrea bursts into tears on Steve, telling him how much she loves Lloyd and asking him to try and talk him round. As Steve gives Andrea a hug Neil watches from a distance. Suspecting Steve of being Andrea’s other man, Neil gets into his cab. What has he got in store for an unsuspecting Steve?
TRACY’S TROUBLED BY DEIRDRE’S ADMISSION. Peter’s depressed that he’s not heard from his dad since his arrest but Deirdre admits to Tracy she hasn’t told Ken about Peter’s predicament. Meanwhile when Deirdre opens a letter asking Ken to attend a WW1 commemoration ceremony, she unearths Uncle Albert’s Military Medal. Tracy’s unimpressed until Deirdre mentions it’s worth a lot of money.
OWEN IS SUMMONED TO COURT. Owen’s downbeat as he shows Anna the summons he’s received for a bankruptcy hearing. Anna promises him they’ll get through it together.
ELSEWHERE When Roy asks Sharif to put up his petition in the gym, protesting at the closure of the library, he’s interested to learn that Yasmeen is the Chief Librarian.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 21ST JULY 2014 at 8.30pm
ANDREA’S DECEIT CONTINUES TO HAUNT LLOYD. On the way to the airport, Neil quizzes
Steve about his private life and asks him if he ever plays away. Steve’s unnerved and glad to
see the back of him. Meanwhile Andrea arrives on the street dragging her suitcase. She begs
Lloyd to give her another chance but will Lloyd be able to forgive her?
TRACY’S ON HER HIGH-HORSE BUT ROB BACKS DEIRDRE. Under pressure from Tracy, Deirdre phones Ken and tells him about Peter’s drinking. But will she tell him about Tina’s murder and Peter’s arrest? Meanwhile when Amy asks if she can borrow Uncle Albert’s medal for her WW1 project Rob can’t find it. How will he react when Tracy admits she sold it to fund their wedding?
THE WINDASS CLAN RALLY ROUND OWEN. Owen and Anna break the news to Gary, Izzy and Katy about the bankruptcy summons. As the family rally round will Katy bring herself to forgive Anna for sleeping with Phelan?
ELSEWHERE Jenna returns home from visiting her Mum and is concerned to hear how
Andrea deceived Lloyd. Roy and Emily discuss the closure of the library with Yasmeen who
insists they need to take direct action.

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Anonymous said...

Don't military medals legally belong to the State (government) and should be returned after the person awarded the medal is deceased? Tracy must've sold it to one of Tony's dodgy friends!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Good to see Yasmeen again. But unfortunately more self pity and angst from the over used family of the Street - the Windbags. Are we really supposed to have sympathy with them when they are never out of the local pub? Just irritating.

chartreuse said...

This is so funny - or odd, not sure which. I have been watching Vintage Corrie and Albert has just sold his medal for the train fare down to London for Remembrance day. He did not get much - I think 40 pounds at the most! Then Ken bought it back because he could not bear him being without it!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Windarms have suffered so many disasters that you ought to feel sorry for them and you probably would if you read about them in the paper. When you see how they respond to all their woes in exactly the wrong way, you begin to lose patience. Has Owen never heard of the CAB and debt counselling service? No, maybe he hasn't but Roy would have. At least, let us see Roy advising Anna to go for voluntary redundancy and counselling. Anna could say that Owen's too proud. I would feel more sympathetic towards Anna if we saw her trying to do the sensible thing and Owen being too proud to ask for help. There are a lot of people in the real world facing financial hardship and a storyline about sorting matters out would be very useful.

Not really believable that even Tracy would sell a family heirloom. Why do they make her such a panto villain? Just groan-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Military medals are awarded to the surviving spouse or, if they're deceased, to the eldest child or, if there were no children, to the eldest sibling, of the recipient, if he or she is dead, so it seems unlikely that the State owns them. They remain in the family, unless they are sold, which does happen!


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