Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Coronation Street spoiler - is Eccles dead?

In this week's Inside Soap magazine there's an excellent spoiler about Eccles - who not only gets a storyline all of her own, but is involved in one of soap's greatest cliffhangers... does the doggy die?

Inside Soap say it's a heartbreaking new storyline in which Eccles fights for her little doggy life.

When Sophie and Maddie find an unmoving Eccles lying on the path, Sophie finds the dog and thinks it's dead - but is it?

Will Eccles live to walk the tow-path again with Ken, or has she gone to the kennel in the sky to be with Blanche? 

Tune in for the canine Corrie storyline which will be shown later this year.

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Tvor said...

Maybe not th is time but I think that's why they've written it in that Deirdre has thought Eccles has been "sad" lately. She's not well.

Talia said...

Oh how I not look forward to story lines involving a pet's death...somehow they induce tears where I just can't muster them for a human character, ( Hayley was the exception,she might be happy to know).
Maybe this will free up Deirdre to go on holiday with Ken, and not have to worry about Eccles...I wouldn't trust her care to anyone in that house.

Beth said...

Never mind all the trouble his son has got himself into while he's been in Canada maybe the fact that the dog is unwell might bring Ken back :)

dte_steve said...

I bet it was Rob that left Eccles to die... ;)

AmandaB said...

Dreadful thing is its a storyline giving screen time to Sophie & Maddie.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Beth could be right! It seems strange to give Eccles a story when he hasn't been mentioned for ages. Perhaps Deirdre has to ask Ken for permission to put Eccles to sleep.

abbyk said...

Eccles is a doggy of a certain age, so... it will be sad but not like losing Schmeical, who we saw grow up and was a lost boy's best friend. Watching Chesney deal with that was my saddest Corrie moment.

Talia said...

abbyk, mine too.

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