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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 16 July 2014

After spending the night in a cell, things don’t get any better for Peter when his brief appearance at the Magistrate’s Court sees him face the prospect of 3 months in prison while he awaits his trial. At the mere suggestion that pleading guilty might see him face a shorter sentence in the long run, Peter rails against his lawyer for doubting him. Declaring that he needs to be surrounded by those who believe in him, his lawyer is promptly sacked.

Those who have faith in him are as scarce on the cobbles as they are in prison. In fact it’s easier to list those who aren’t salivating at his capture in this episode, namely Deirdre and Sinead. They have their work cut out for them though reminding their fellow residents of the virtues of that old adage “innocent until proven guilty”.

We may have to wait a while yet before we see Rob in the company of a detective, but he came close tonight when he set out for a stroll with super-sleuth Eccles. Here’s hoping she’s following some new leads.

Simon is silent and sullen when he finds out his Dad has been charged, but Nick manages to make him smile and agree to spend the evening with him playing computer games. Leanne suggests they cease their childish behaviour and put their differences aside, but Nick isn’t willing to do so. His parting insult is a reminder that she’s still a Battersby under it all, and to be fair, considering some of her behaviour, you don’t have to look too deeply beneath the surface to find it.

Sally is successful following an impromptu three question interview with Carla for the role of PA, and her first job is to break the bad news to the other applicants.

Norris is none too happy with Rita striking up with Dennis again considering what he perceives to be a blatant attempt to take advantage of her grief. Dennis threatening Norris in the Rovers does nothing to endear him yet again.

Maddie finally tells Sophie that she can’t see Ben any more because she feels it’s stopping him from settling down to live a normal life.

Striving to better oneself is certainly the order of the day as Julie decides she wants to climb Snowdon, master choux pastry and learn French before she reaches 40, and Steve and Andrea await their exam results.

It’s marvellous to hear Lloyd and Michelle congratulate Steve for passing his exams after making a mockery of his attempts throughout the course. Andrea may have been awarded an A for her efforts, but when it comes to how she handles her love life, it’s a flat out fail. 

Having sweetly presented her with the key to his home in a bag of pork scratchings, Lloyd almost comes face to face with her husband who follows her to the Rovers. However, Andrea intercepts him outside, and drags him away. Her failure to appreciate Monday’s home cooked dinner, the constant “I’m going out” any time Neil wants to do anything, and now being veered away from someone she clearly doesn’t want him to meet in the pub all have me thinking; isn’t it time Neil demanded to know what’s going on?

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why was Leanne offloading Simon onto Sophie Webster for the 2nd time? Much was made of Leanne being "his mum" and him living with her instead of his father his blood relative, now she is palming him off on anyone so she can go off with the most Boring Trainer in Manchester. Congratulations to Steve on psssing with a C! But I wish we had seen a few more characters from his class when they had that drink at the Rovers instead of the tiresome Andrea and her cuckhold hubbie.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Intrigued by Dennis's warning to Norris in the pub. Are we about to see a darker side to his character? Perhaps this points to another fall-out between Dennis and Rita, after which he leaves for good. Hard to feel any sympathy for Andrea and her husband. Neil is written as a complete drip, and Andrea has never worked. Hope she leaves soon.

Have the police examined the charm from the bracelet? That surely will have Rob's prints on it.

Anonymous said...

Considering his own family's history,Nick is in no position to judge Leeanne's background.At least Leeanne's father wasn't s pschyopath murderer like Richard Hillman nor did she hide behind mummy like Nick did after it came out about him and Kylie.

Anonymous said...

In the credits for Wednesday's episode, Maddie Heath was played by AMY JAMES-KELLY.

As far as I recall, it has always been Amy Kelly who played Maddie.

Never mind, I probably have something in common with Norris. LOL.


Tvor said...

Yep, Nick is a hypocrite but to be fair, no, Leanne's father wasn't a killer like Hillman but neither was Nick's.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,I stand corrected as I should've said Nick's stepfather Richard Hillman is a killer.That doesn't change the fact that he and his mother for that matter shouldn't be so quick to judge Leeanne who I may add has the good sense to leave the Platt family for good.

Tvor said...

Oh definitely, Nick has no room to criticize, i agree


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