Monday, 28 July 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Mon 28 July

NICK HAS THE DAY FROM HELL. Nick and Leanne meet with the mediator but they’re soon trading insults and it’s clear they can’t agree on anything. Are they heading for court? Meanwhile Gail spends the day with Michael helping him clean up an old ice cream van. However Nick’s far from impressed with Gail’s hard work and as he tears a strip off his mum the two men square up to each other.
NORRIS DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON RITA. Rita agrees to give Dennis another chance but
makes him promise there’ll be no more lies. But when Julie lets slip to Norris that Dennis
insisted she made him homeless, in the hope Rita would take him back, are his days
CRAIG HEARS A VICIOUS RUMOUR ABOUT FAYE. Anna’s worried about a withdrawn Faye. When she then overhears her snapping at Craig, Anna wonders what’s going on.
ELSEWHERE Gary’s drawn to Alya.

NICK TAKES OUT HIS ANGER ON MICHAEL. Steph manages to drag Nick back to the bistro
before a fight breaks out but there he turns on her when she reminds him it’s her night off,
threatening to sack her if she doesn’t cancel her plans. Steph’s shocked, Nick’s a man on the
edge. Meanwhile Gail and Michaelshare a bottle of wine in the garden at No.8, their
attraction evident. When Nick arrives and spots them kissing he’s incensed and sees red.
confronting him in the Rovers she reveals she knows all about his little scam. Will Dennis be
able to talk her round or has his chance of forgiveness gone?
ANNA FEARS FOR A TROUBLED FAYE.Anna snatches Faye’s mobile and is shocked to read nasty online gossip suggesting Faye has slept with lots of boys. At first she blames Craig but it soon becomes clear he’s not the perpetrator.
ELSEWHERE Roy’s tearful when he finds a reminder of Hayley in an old library book.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

ANOTHER shoutfest between Nick and Leanne - 'are they heading for court' who bloomin CARES? I do not find their constant arguing entertaining.

And "another chance for Dennis" ho hum. He just should have stayed gone with Gloria, I am embarrassed for him going over this old ground again and again and again.

Anonymous said...

And more Rita wagging her finger at someone disapprovingly, if it's not that it is making sarky nasty comments which is all her limits are at. I am personally finding this story boring, we know he is leaving so there is no suspense, what a waste of a few months.

Zagg said...

Ok, enough of the Bad Nick Show. It has gotten so out of control and unrealistic. With all the people he has shouted at, the childish behaviour in the Bistro, he would have NO business left and someone would have punched his lights out by now.
It is becoming uncomfortable to watch now. I think it's time for Nick to go back to italy and stay there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, For what it's worth,Rita's finger wagging and sarky remarks are justified this time as I thought Dennis sunk a new low with his 'homeless' scam.I don't think Dennis even loves Rita.I think his scam to win her back was more about showing up Norris or possibly even inheriting her money now that Tina is dead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 20:50, maybe it is justified but frankly I am fed up with Rita's sanctimonious behaviour, she talks down to Norris like dirt, wanting him to mind his own business even though she will no doubt go wailing back to him when the going gets tough.

All the character does everyday is snap at Norris or made sarky remarks. This is someone who never used to mind her banter, but recently she has become unbearable, plus she talked to Dennis like rubbish last year making fun of him being homelessness, no wonder he wanted a new lease of life.

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