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Monday, 21 July 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 21 July 2014

A reminder tonight for those who need it, that Snickers is a relatively new word for the chocolate bar formerly known as Marathon. This mention stems from Faye asking why Owen's mate is called Johnny Marathon. Turns out it's not because he was a great runner but because he always had a marathon in his lunch box. What's more, he might have some work for Owen.

But the letter  arrives - the bankruptcy letter. The worst case scenario would be that they would lose everything, including the house. Anna points out that it's only bricks and mortar, which is true but bricks and mortar are quite important. Still, Anna and Owen's relationship is back on track. Katy apologises to Anna for being so horrible towards her, and the hug they share is genuinely touching and forgiving.

Andrea walks out on Neil. He tells her she is his whole life but she tells him that he'll be better off without her. They have a daughter called Jess who has been to university. Maybe we'll meet her sometime.

This is good and quite tense - Steve picks up Neil who suspects that Steve is the man who his wife has left him for, as he saw Steve comforting Andrea.  Neil did look quite intimidating and Steve was more than happy to get rid of him.

Steve, his heart working overtime, allows Andrea to stay in The Rovers. Liz is furious but that is nothing compared to how Michelle will react.

The anniversary of The First World War is this year of course and Ken has been invited to represent Uncle Albert. Uncle Albert saved 2 men's lives. Tracy, as only Tracy can, makes a joke in very bad taste about how the family  have evened out the people saved. She clearly means that  by having 2 killers in the family, the saving of 2 people has been cancelled out.

Uncle Albert was awarded a medal for his bravery and it is very precious to Ken and Deirdre. Amy is interested too and wants to take it into school for 'show and tell' so Deirdre says she will seek it out. Tracy is going to paint her nails and can't decide between bone china and movie idol. Deirdre wittily suggests bone idol might be best.

Deidre points out that ill people are always moaning and that Norris has a sceptic toenail - not the most pleasant of images. Amy wants to Skype her grandfather but Deirdre stops her and admits that she has not told Ken about Peter.

Deirdre reveals that Uncle Albert's medal is worth quite a lot and we can see the thought in Tracy's head develop that she might sell the 'skanky old metal' and so she does, for her wedding. Did she really mention a helicopter? Rob is outraged and comes over all moral. Deirdre takes a very firm stance and tells her daughter that not only will she throw Tracy out, she will not talk to her ever again.

Peter is sharing a cell with a very garrulous man. He seems ok but understandably his constant  chatter is deeply irritating to Peter. 'I can talk to anybody me,' declares chatty man. 'I wear everybody
down eventually' he proudly declares.

A team is getting together - a team to protest at the closure of the library. Yasmeen is put in her place, when she suggests Emily might be over the hill. Emily tells her of the protests she's been involved in over the years, and a reminder too, to all of us that old people are not just that. They have lived lives and are still doing so, as long as they have their health.  ' I have been fighting my whole life!' she declares, perhaps channeling the spirit of the librarian from her childhood, Miss Stainsby, a 'formidable woman.' Good on you Emily!

Sharif asks that they look after Yasmeen as she has  been arrested before. Sharif might not have been so solicitous if he had heard her say that she missses her snack, which she gives up for Ramadan. She says that  Muslims also give up sexual activity for Ramadan she but she misses her snack more.
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Andrea just gets worse and worse and absolutely ludicrous that Steve would let her move into the Rovers like that, nobody is that weak and stupid. Her creepy husband just annoys me now and I want this story to be out. And I agree with another poster with all this Panto Villan stuff with Tracy to sell the medals, with her face pulling for England. Thought Yasmeen a bit wooden but hope she will improve and what was Alya and grandad doing buying egg balms in Ramadan when they are supposed to be fasting? Not even going to mention the Windbags who are on the brink of yet another tiresome big story.

John McE said...

Oh, for pity's sake, can't someone make Corrie writers scale back on the number of scenes where someone just "happens" to walk by. It just one night we had "the husband" walk by as Steve was giving Andrea a hug, and then, with Steve having dropped him off God knows where, he just "happens" to walk by as Steve is giving her another hug. It really is getting ridiculous, and shows more than anything a complete lack of writing skills.

We all know Tracie is a pantomime villain, but she is becoming more one dimensional than ever. Selling Uncle Albert's war medal was bad, even for her, and knowing how much it meant to both her mum and dad, would even Tracie have sold it, as she did? Again quite unbelievable, and not helped by Kate Ford's one and only expression when found out.

Llifon said...

Have to say I enjoyed last night's episodes. How nice to have a scene with Roy and Emily that lasted a few minutes and the ref to Albert made me smile :)

abbyk said...

When I was little, my grandmother took me to the supermarket where we ran into the Rabbi's wife. When she saw the clearly not kosher meat in the cart, Gramma quickly replied that it was for a neighbor (a white lie). What were Sharif and Alya doing? IT'S RAMADAN! They made such a production about Not Even Water at Leanne's. You're a minority, you don't let the neighbors see you cheat. 'They're for Gail and Katy', and then sneak them in the back room, that would have worked. Still a bit disrespectful of Islam but at least works at humanizing two new characters.

Tracy. Windbags. Andrea. Sigh!

David parsnips said...

How dare Andrea invite herself to move into the Rovers and then take a shower without asking and put on Liz's personal bath robe! Doesnt she have her own clothes, having packed her bags? This characer is intensely dislikable and irritating now!

Zagg said...

I am enjoying Yasmeen and the fact that they have not completely made her some self righteous heavy handed matriarch. We are learning more and more about her character (arrested before!!) and I am glad they have made her "real". The snack vs sex thing...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Muslims CAN eat after sunset so they were probably buying it for then if you paid attention to other religions you would know

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this little storyline with the library. The show needs more of these small non-sensational plot lines that showcase characters so well but can still address important community issues.

Also nice to see Liz looking out for Lloyd, it shows she is still fond of him after all they went through, although maybe slightly hypocritical as she didn't treat him much better!!!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that with the discovery of Uncle Albert's medal that the writers were going to remember the 100th anniversary of World War 1 but no they instead use it for another 'Tracy is evil'storyline?!How disappointing.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Anonymous Know All at 20.00. Yes they can eat after sunset but its a family meal with lots of different delicacies, very unlikely that would include an egg balm bought at lunchtime from the caff!


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