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Monday, 7 July 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 7 July

There's no reason why Carla shouldn't be attracted to Luke but the real reason she is flirting with him is to annoy Peter -  to get a little payback.

'Just taking a leaf out of your book' she tells Peter. 'Have some dignity,' he tells her. 'So says the alky with a hip flask.' she bats back Fair point, but Peter is right that Carla is letting herself down.  As she leaves with Luke she looks over to Peter and tells him that she is taking a leaf out of his book by taking up with a younger model.

It's not Carla's proudest moment but we need to give her some slack as she has had such a tough time.
Luke shows himself to be a good guy. He mocks her CDs until he finds Waterloo Sunset. Admirably he behaves like a real gent and back home he tells chip eating Steph that he didn't want to be like those who see an opportunity and just pounce with no thought for the consequences. He understands the point scoring too and sees that Carla is winning 1- 0. Steph is proud of her brother and tells him 'the boy done good.' Good too to see Luke on our screens for a few minutes rather than just being in the background.

It's clear though that Carla still loves Peter and is haunted by Peter and Tina's affair, hating her flat as she fears Peter and Tina slept together in various places in the flat.

Deirdre is doing remarkably well, having both Peter and Rob in her house, not to mention Tracy,  though turkey strips aren't everyone's meal of choice.  Deirdre provides a little social commentary in that she tells us that she  doesn't like the self service tills - and that her cigarettes are hidden away.

The scenes with Gail and Michael are quite touching. He tells her that she is his 'guardian angel' and she does seem to be at her best around Michael.  Michael Marlon, in fact, seems to make a decent stew and Gail having got his job back at Streetcars, fills him with gratitude, so much so that he gives her a plant - a dainty dame. How wonderfully fitting. One of the strangest scenes tonight involved Gail falling on Steve in gratitude telling him that he had done, 'A good and noble thing.'

It's interesting to see how Michael has shifted Gail's focus and priorities - she defies her sons, calls them The Brothers Grimm and says that though she worried that they didn't get on, now that they do get on, she finds them terrifying.

'Just Nick's' is what the bistro is now called, another problem for Leanne, in addition to her freakishly fierce and somewhat wooden prospective mother in law. Prostitution, drugs and arson don't always go down well though.

Alya seems to be wherever Gary is. Despite telling her dad, Owen that all is well between her and Gary, she probably knows that that is not the case. As Gary asks Jason for some work Alya pops up again and Jason tells him to put his tongue in and points out that his eyes are on stalks. It doesn't look good... Izzy though earlier had said, ' We all think we need somebody but maybe we don't.'

Eva and Steve behind the bar was the highlight for me - the discussion of the camper van which a friend of Eva's using it for everything - camping and shopping and well just camping and shopping. The van goes by the name of Tallullah, but genius Eva suggests that Steve calls his van Vanessa because van is in the name. Eva then puts her foot in it by asking Marcus about Liam, who he has been to see though he lied to Todd about it. Todd takes it very badly and storms out saying, I'm not having you show me up in front of this lot.' Later he tells Marcus about Billy who died 10 years ago. Is Todd trying to manipulate Marcus?

Rob's arrival is unwanted but Carla lets him in. It's a relief for him to get away fro the film Pretty Woman. ' He reveals that Deirdre's turkeys trips were rank, and he makes Carla a fried cheese sandwich. The episode ends with a touching scene between brother and sister.
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Wow that Luke seems to be a good guy! Lets keep him that way, we need a decent regular guy on the Street. I am liking him and with Carla too. Meanwhile Garay wheels the pram around the Street like old Mother Hubbard "bumping" into Ayla along the way on Coincidence Street. And also liking Kal's mother, she seems a straight and decent woman. Let's face it who would want Leanne for their son "good person" as she states she is or not, the shreaking in the Street made her look what she is, a guttersnipe.

Anonymous said...

In episode 1, librarian Jasmeen said to Leanne: "The past is a foreign country". The full quote is "The past is a foreign

country: they do things differently there."

The quote is from "The Go-Between" - a novel by L. P. Hartley published in 1953. The novel begins with the line "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

More on Wikipedia - [url][/url]


maggie muggins said...

When Izzy said that maybe we don't all need a man, I was cheering! Can we hope that every female on the Street doesn't immediately jump into a new relationship even before the previous one ended?

I liked Kal's Mum in these episodes, better than at first. She's not being nasty, just realistic. What mother wouldn't hesitate on hearing of such a past in a girlfriend?

Rob's only reason for doing anything from now on will be to peg Peter for Tina's murder. I cringed when Carla let him in, and didn't find his support for her warm, but conniving.


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